Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trithumb Part Rite Zibakhana

Ashfaq Batti
Sultan Billa Billa Beulah
and Ewe Gorg Earl Donny
Osman Khalid Butt ala
Kunstwar Ali Roshanashana

Ashfaq Batty
Body booty hotty
hot booty assfaq
Sultan Tehennahenna

first splatter flick
in the tradition of Friday the 13th
and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre delivers
spine-tingling thrills

when an attractive group of teens
pile into a van that runs out of gas
in the middle of a dark mysterious forest.

Their ghoulish nightmare begins
when rotting fresh-eating zombies
and a decapitated head-toting
screaming banshee-like hitchhiker
begin to terrorize them at every turn.

But when a mysterious figure
dressed in a blood-drenched burqa
appears sporting a medieval weapon
dripping in gore even the teens prayers
won t save them from a night of
savage demented horror

Bloody cheese Elvis golems in shalom burqa lampshades
spine-tingling butts
teens on cheese


Niger delta,

Donny Osman Khalid Butt
will now see you in the ministry of

Rosewater design options:

The specificity of biology should be more systematically
accounted for. Generic solutions or universal models may be
elegant and appealing but tend to even out the relative
importance of entities at stake. It is also important to focus
on appropriate concepts and idiosyncrasies of biology such
as modularity or plasticity [31, 117] and by and large, on
generative properties that are exclusively attached to living

Hey ! Bored with genome analysis, sequence handling,Molecular Modeling, Drug Designing, database developement and biological programming , hummmm :) fikar not analyzer ;) here comes the Bioinformatics Fun Times for thodi si mauj masti

a vision of postdiluvian freshness
out of the chaos of ice floes and the polar night

A bunch of young folks have procured a van and lied to their parents about their whereabouts so that they can attend a concert 5 hours away. They procure a hideously decorated van with lurid murals on the side for their trip, and of course, they HAVE to try a short cut, run out of gas, etc., in an area where polluted water has turned the locals into flesh-eating zombies.

waah life hoto aisi
waah life hoto aisi

Meri Gene Tumhare Paas Hai
Proteomics Koi Khel Nahi
GeneScan Karke Dekho
Alignment Apna Sequence Parayi

Against the immortal snow, the figure of a wild high beautiful being
whose body is like a kiss to a symphony of sutured statuary, its vertebral, vertical
fan of panpipes gives to these our corticons a secret of madly spinning circles,
wounds of scarlet and ebony which are themselves the labyrinthine pudenda of eruptive
fignatures, and beadlike the drama of slithering is itself a motion under the skin

O Immortla snau
ave' irt yur gaze

our jade bones are inscribed with hoarse musics
by a fire whose author is compressed between twin nowheres

our flesh is as a lace of blue spiders
nowhere to begin
nowhere to end

curated databases based on sources are not
warehouses: they are manually constructed by experts, that
is, not computed automatically from existing datasets

beautiful being
whose body is the melee of trees
in bright air

wild being
whose flesh
like explosions of flowers
like twisting cables of brain bowers
knotted aaiieeenemonee
your throbb
is with the pulse of art and light


ear slicked back
the fugue fear cometh

thy white body
a gasp of spores of hot sparks
descended from a


all ash faq batty
and bust

nothing seems more roblast
than rust

Hell's ground
was entertaining

three thumbs up

and one foul head on a chain

Raymond Rousell's
to bludgeon
Arthur Rimbaud

a donkey
of wild butterflies

like a severed black arm
in the snow