Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do You Know Antler? I've Never Met Him.

eros synchretic connestoga stoa
the FBI takes MAX ERNST
to get him to rat out that
sierra nevada pale ale
you like it
you like it
it's the rabbit's red britches

popeye and freud become one
sit under medusa scalp umbrella
solar power snake flutes lovingly
tenderize the air

Freudye, or Popoid?
Who smokes this connestoga pipe
which I imagine has cousins
with the spray cans.
you like it
you like it

little Sindhbad and Pegeen
whiskey splashed in Peggy's eyes
the place in all its wonders
and disappointments

perk would might appear
the hutch of its green electric saddle to flutter
as space to be structured like the unconscious
the rabbit's red britches

technology ology ology
looks denouement
toward the proud and twilight

no curbing excess
lack or other

perfect square tiles
come arcing softly down the slope
stair well
howdoya like that
we'll go up nesting in red oak
toward the coolest 11

wind chipper and thristly through
Ailanthus altissima

the rabbit in roller skates
heark heard the oaken flute dodo dodona

no curb
grass pecking
the updraft

connestoga sky snake kite undulates
we'd sit in the head
in the rectango lure box
where the eyes one whirred



upside down we come sauntering out of the upperlip
through a keyhole
and go write on walking upside down
up the sweeping staircase of nostril's
downy edge


he laughs at our red pants
he stamps when the seals
come horking up like a plough
of brown satin foam

Franciscan Hair Cuts –
Cincinnati Beauty

a sleek mahogany barque
bears a steel orb
like an onion

and knights in silver velvet
man the long tongued rudder

some find leaf shapes
in the circuitry

some find ancient wasps
in the amber rollerskate wheels