Friday, April 15, 2011

Pigs or Pisanos? Aren't we all Crystal Lassies? Robbespear Said to Atlanthus.

Like a skin of loose milk brown against a wall
She walks by the railing of a path at the New York World's Fair,
And she is scrying a piece-meal
in a sort of emotional amnausemia
And round about there is a bubbling
Of the filthy, sturdy, unskillable infants of the very rude.
They shall inherit the bore.
In her is the rear-end of breeding.
Her eartheness is exquisite and excessive.
She would like some one to speak on her,
And is almost afraid that I
will oemit that complexion.
How will refraction's hysterical course
come true?

Crystal Lassies...


I am thinking of Norman Bel Geddes. And deep snow in the Alps.
I am thinking of Alvin Langdon Coburn's Vortographs.

There are no schools of Art, only various interpretation of 'material rhetoric'.
I am listening to the neighbor's dog respond to a police siren with his own rendition
of same. The dog's is so much more emotive, plaintive, disturbing, and funny.
It represents in the experience that I have something of the pure multiplicities
upon which Deleuze built his temple. How often do we have to retell the tale
of the Grotesque? The reason we need a word like multiplicities is to frame the constant
shifting of framing itself. I grow tired of the politics of framing.

Who are the criminals in the poetry blogging world?

Public Enemy Number 1:

Ron Silliman. Known Framer. His syllogistic Maleostomies are broadly regarded as tasteful and interesting.
This so-called lover of elegiac libertinage is noinesuch. This brute framer even may understand the nature of the sign. Ron Silliman is a poetic criminal, and enemy of the truth.

Public Enemy Number 2:

Kasey Mohammad. Known Framer. His syllaboogistical Abmaleostomies are broadly regarded as distasteful and kind of interesting, man. This brute framer even may understand the nature of the sign. Kasey Mohammad is a poetic criminal, and enemy of the truth, dude.

Public Enemy Number 3:

John Q. Latta. Known Framer. His ontosyllobagistic Buhmaleostomides are broadly regarded as quaintly leavened and possibly interesting to an old hookah smoking peanut-butter jar. His hokey pronounces calling things watery slumgullion, or phibsnatchery are evidence of his schoolmarmish cumjudgery of things which are too feeble for absolute notice. John Q. Latta is a poetic criminal, and enemy of the watery slum gull ion which is the truth.

Public Enemy Number 4:

Anne Bowers. Known Framer. Her- She looks like she might be kind of hot.
Nonetheless. Poetic Criminal. etc. Is she?

Public Enemy Number 5:

Nada Gordon. Known Framer. Poor dear, I think she's blown a fuse. Good Lord!
She's gone mad!

Public Enema Number 7:


The young Lanny
and his Siren.

Barbara Bel Geddes was here..
She is a crystal lassie.

But what of these POETIC CRIMINALS??

For most landscaping conditions, they have no value as there are too many trees of superior quality; for impossible conditions this tree has a place; selection could be made for good habit, strong wood and better foliage which would make the tree more satisfactory; I once talked with an architect who tried to buy Ailanthus for use along polluted highways but could not find an adequate supply [...]
—Michael A. Dirr,  Manual of Woody Landscape Plants[41

A Nazi Lady.