Friday, April 22, 2011

Now here is a weird image..

This is a cheesy magic marker version I guess of Liebenfels Gnostic Swastika Flag. Check it out. Totally weird! Not sure this is completely pre-nazi, but it is definitely of vintage wacko!

I like the idea of combining the fleur de lis with the swastika, but I can't find the damn reference whic links the fleur de lis with the fool or jester's cap, but, the fleur dl is not a lily but an iris

as in Irris, or Eris (strife).. Remember angry wandering in Eire, or Irre..

Not the wandering jew(el), but the wandering fool (or fuel)..

A fool's hat lies at every destination.

Such should be the universal flag of man.

On a golden ground, an ichorland, the Irrish go-awander, and like clouds they become a sky,
the vater-mutter of the muttering waters..

We are the fuel for abstraction's N-gyne, Ingyrish we mumble our talkish untalk,
ourselves am talk, and thinginess is talkiness..

Through veins of radiant torture

like angels of smoke
with halo's of thinking thorns

hands of lava
are born

shlock out
in wild calligraphy

textile designs
from old africa

its song freed from the ordinary


all confolded
confounded into wan
fait Eostre'
O Stara


And while I do generally scoff at religious matters, soft cuddly rabbits
and goddesses of the dawn
are a particular weakness of mine: