Monday, April 25, 2011

NamiNagi ( Locus Succession Field Inveterate)

for Ponce Tubercle Oblaconderokagiyama

fonce del meula ala fonjeleto
seepua conguelure ep eesa la noh

noh noh ifni contrultoo meul alto

fefaw honjeleto
fonce de la meula ala ifnipiñaleuta

monstifibonsti hupu kustlichuletti
its round voiced neighbor
its wiry thin thunder
boa hunkered in a rotten holololoa
cum roglotten bog canopy breth wren
solu cumo cholupo

rabbit cumming
deleer delyre
ledeer le dyre

bury the ruby fang
in bearded rhubarb
for the bard in the river
of ribbons most


de lirrium
su bathtub traces of iridium

meteor head chewing leverage moss

noh do dala meula
pifonstibonsti abmiela tundera
ivory shot through with iron orange

GOJAK! amoeba livery mandala hogon

pimi lolipop dula

detect peony eyeball rotate
coff link where cuffy
hunti meine hund za burrow

saucer huje'

the world follows an unclear succession of events
as within the world of Mogari no Miya:

would that Ca Seize Hur

Desert Willow
provides mikage


the baby's feet take on clam meat sandals
the Empress bathes in blue water
as the ropy gun descends

bathroom telephone rings
crystal breastplate misting urine
through nipple spinnerettes

I see the silkworm tourettes
in the neck hole, it's unclear
arriving as sented

entences arasoiki

Its mind or head
is under the spring.

sprig legged hinokizo
dark skinned hunchback indonesia

There is a studio
inside the plaster leg

gray valve array
you swist for para aerosol
come panty

Come visit with me
inside the cuboid water.

Our jeweled wereathes
are a poetics of concern.

dark cho feather foo lion bubble
you whose road scents the inside out snake
its ribbing for a tomb booked word of life

the snake whose head
is that of a dog
remains near
the vent of obscene narrative.

This vent is called

Rock-Long Princess Namanaga
she whose trickery is spread like Emperor Seinei

This nameless Empress was the rose of the universe
but took to the underworld in the time of niiname-sai
near Sinai just as Emperor Ankho was assassinated by a child

When a child murders an adult,
many murders follow, but the succession
is always unclear

Sentences may tread water
inside the circle of the hoho demi

We are now in a mad scramble
to achieve a perfect polygamy

baby's blue clam meat sandals
have become our bathroom telephone

the jewelled amoeba vagina
produces a crystal ankh bathroom chin

its ringtone
becomes the wholly perplexing
of events

eventually eternity
enters the transparent cuboid
where scented water brain
Emperor Seinei
removes the nib clothing
of the coconut ink squid botchy

Coconut Ink Squid
your bathroom telephone salad
is stirred by steel toenails

an Empress Ringtone
has her purple clam meat sandals
rubbed with baby bathrooms

The Emperor
retracts his naval squid bargains
into the crystal keyboard brain

and 40 chins of grain
are given to the scribal mechanics

El Samuria
Loco Gojak!