Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fruitless Moab, Grondwanna Blurtlet Schizygene

sitting nude like a bell ringer in white gloves
on a tall wooden giraffe
the Hanseatic nerve ending
peanut butter among the natives
pointing up to where the superstructure
pipped its squirrel warninged
wreathe of pomegranate sores

a tall white suited
white tied man
in a white top hat

his body a cluster of sapphires
dribbling sugar tit
for hummingbirds
through invisible fissures

pressured air lens
a metaphor
for the vague
and regal replacement
of the flipping coin
with optical token

convex, or

or fly's eye
worn on the toe
of a kid skin scuffing box
for toast

stoa to be like umbilical
and sequined with lenses

gently swaying hose
what what

what what

painting by jason traeger