Sunday, April 3, 2011

okay (up down gravity man)

it's not lattice cancer
it's merricka

a straight accu-thinner
"over hear boar man"

yoo hoo!
peanut butter and ham huns
inside the gogo locker

the great and gliding sail fin
it does not fist today
no boho hobo to comment
among lucky ongly's big band

phil ishi
i said phil cabana
has ear cheese
look out!

remoulade mermaid bat
it's all moisture

if it sees the shadow
a total monologue
half human
sex and violence
in a tawny pig skin network

steve buscemi
trapped in a human glass bottle


you've got advanced stone bun degreens
mmm mmm

totally data
he can't paint
liquid disco

in the carriage return
soft grandma