Sunday, April 17, 2011

You've Had Yer Break, Now Get Back in that Lawn Chair!

its GTO has a mohawk
of soft jelly brain coral extruders
its lawn chairs
a debauch of ivory toiling in high wind
a lad's emblem
prepared for a disfigured god

we go in this side
where the little umbrella parlor
weeps its sturdy tiles
and fizzy water

then on the other side
is this odd car
and we're climbing that
beanstalk again
made of squishy braincoral

is the giant's whole body
a hot weird engine
we're forced to eat
while luminous tadpole brain seed shoots
hover and watch us

i'd like to love the sprout
and the spring
but everytime i see it
my horns go soft
like elephant trunks
in discovery or discourse

this flightless bird
is palping the ground
for engines

this GTO is suddenly delicious
in its patchwork multicolored

whose empty sockets
might take
to fluorescent gap

little brain teeth
to furniture