Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Butter Porridge From the Continent of Mu

It cannot be stained much blacker.
Near Polog we took several of the escaped
Lilliputian refugees into our guitar cases
and smuggled them out of Macedon, but later
we got hungry and ate them.

Mine was like a grapey Muscovy cheese
with lettering to the Tsar:

Wan Brightly,
chattering horse centipedes
look great in your long Moldovan hats,
grey chord du roi hopscotch breasts
lightly sugared for double on tantra,
they can bench press the really big
spiders again

and we see them through the hatches sometimes
their hard plastic bubble cases making sparks
in the low thrumming eulogy
of matters.

I guess printing cartridges
all live in Polog
after they go empty
they still run back and forth
across the road
just like old times

we grow mint
in the stale furniture
for our the'

We are the Berber Lilliputions
and live in jade green ear hives
high up
in a crack
in the Atlas.

I am the Apologetics of Gulliver,
and Gulliver is an Apologetics-
based dog-backed ski-shoe.