Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jolly Jolly Me, Speargun

pointing out from the field of debris
Psais says Sesep to
the Shah of Truffles, the shy animal
is a pig with the head of a serpent

it is ordained
as it is
within the forking tongue

fight (or rift)

left was Reich

as luck will have it
fate stood above the gods
but every molecule is a god
and we are the agents of fate
but so too are we molecules

pigs with the heads of serpents
backs with manes of snakes
each of which is a city

which trades aspects willingly
until in the trading
the citizens are denuded
of reason
and simply begin to churn
as in the rise of Aminoun (Ominoon)

thus is the will of Ramses II


We whose soul made bah
we hose who humm bug
whose kephalo
looks down onto

synthetic transparent snakes
whose skeletons activate
a thermal reduction
to chill the wine

Shait and Shet said Saud to Sechat

This hovering speaker will follow you through the crowd
its finely articulating broadcast horns will track

Allah truffle wrecks
brains in trains through Spain
in the spring time of Agathomond

its Ankh is for the eye
of the torpedo

We stand in our finery outside the toroid granaries
where the great and swiveling lenses
shay forth a million shells
in the whole

Empire Chenmicals
our valuent instrument disable
slow goes the solvent in its mood
slow arcs the tempest of its equation

how well will our jawbone detache itself

O the things I do for England...
(or for the sheer du lift)

O leafy Shedu, you who stroll so nobly into Troy
not needing to be pulled like a hobby horse,
like a Gulliver flanked by punny Liliputions...