Monday, April 11, 2011


Protean hemi-chants lay
close to the neck like
scales composed of seals
whose conflicts and construction
are not wholly known and
whose appearance and test-
imony give good countenance
of the ambivalent and ambiguous
conjoined as fair unison.

Were that that neck were as the
dining room, or Villa Trait d'Union,
the hyphen of the the hyphenated villa,
and that within, Salammbô-esque
epiphany-catastrophes, or cataphanies
of substance might barrel down or enshroud
each guest within an airy hurtling,
the stone column engulfing itself
as thunder, and feast, Corinthian meta-stabilities
teased out of ambiguously shifting contours
of knowledge.

If each cell is whole and part and can communicate
with each and all of its neighbors, and if the means
of its communication is also structural to the extent
of support and extension, then the living skin should
be a vivid screen of knowledge's mood, think what
kaleidoscope the face might figure wherein the urupting
of the all usurping mind is re-figured as one, and given
no name but only phiz, or visage it itself evokes,
and whose evocation is moot and true as the tomb;
how come we diamonds into song by mine where
the digging takes storm to a seeking water?

Arrangements in time all come to their marks, and where
networks bend, marks run deep through the wall and continue on
as one, waves cannot be cured. Sickness and sign-ness ignite
to caress each other's othering ought tour: O Value!
Thou art a cure, a cur, and a course to stay; O Coarse stay,
thy peg is grinning where the traveler peeks out from the tent
flap in the storm, a meekness in a meekness shredding:
It all depends on where you are...