Monday, April 18, 2011

These Pie Types..

for shee was craft to tell humble pie
and she would say to these pie types

aren't you
as if its grey could be seen passing
like a screen behind static wires
they were all rather pie underneath

a pie with a rumbled crystal top
and blinking lights underneath

might inhabit the single leaf
i would shoot fine green threads
from my fingers
upon which birds might pie off

vye with the sunny motes of commerce
in the shadow of the black corn

all of us pie types
in our flimsy offspring threads
eulogizing the trouble
the minor key salutation
the amorphous mirror gel
of our ancestor

great birdcall in pi
black corn zeppelin
black kernal detachable shoulder levitation unit

a single human
is like the rags or roots
of a supernal black sweet tooth
and very pie
very subgum in their lugubrious sex
very J.A. Meeves in holly wrath waistecoathe
very timber dread river-library
for the pie types

Thomas Becket to be (in a pie way)
Bemused Ticket
and with no craft
but a pair of candles for epaulets
hovering hunchbacks these finned eons
of dark growling

spring meadow
tufted cardinal
points of the compass



Bowie to the Dogon
Jim Bowie
escutcheon of labors
twinned by turquoise scimitar fire
from the wound in pi
seeking all its combining force of forehead
peasant in the field whistling
brightly of tomorrow
calamari fugue asphyxiation stockbroker
turpetudes souciales
somewhat crude
Peggy Guggenheim to wear mismatched
earrings one
the young Dorian Gray
the other
the beguiling of Merlin

Robert Harborough Sherard
went to Yale party
spoke of cheap ties

"I like them very much."

[The Cheap Ties]

Live With Me
Only a Roach
One Eyed Trouser-Snake Rhumba
Earth and Water Song
Theme from Skint (See You Later Liquidator)
Red Light Mama, Red Hot!
Sucking on the Sweet Vine
I'm Ready

Bulldogs wear large dragonfly tiaras
with tiny champagne bottle thoraxes.

while the rest of us
very pie indeed

young spring cardinal
bouncing aheeled
wheeling disport

wire looping outward
a child's drawing
amidst the technical pole

we are saved
and the flower is not a cyclamen
but cellphone pie

the whole body
is a rank and file of

The whole body
was Frederick Keisler
through a peep hole

portrait of the ear
as a victim
of these pie types

Cardinal Richelieu:

O Fabiano
what faint glimmer of gems
on a tray of jade
has brought you to this?

a solid bolt of mercury
1000 hundred tons
hovers in the sky;