Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nicola Vicentino's microtonal Archicembalo

And for every anvil in
this swarm of anvils,
an array of thrinkling hammers,
as alloyed by an invisible, and
virtual, heliacalcamaxiom,
whose linear granularity
allows exquisite gyreticons
of la musica:

My wife
is Wolfgang Mozart Von Nymanov
inside an olive sack,
and her head
is a swarm of footless,
two-ended horns,
or crystal anvils
attended, each,
by a helice
of cam-handled,
and thrinkling hammers,
which may also
be candles, whose
flames are made
of even tinier

Amadeus in Japan.
That whiff, or whigging,
or mummia (omsnians) can by no means halt
the connection between
libretto and libertine
in the halls of Don Giovanni
ala livre, livery, and oliver.

In verbual abgnosia,
Wolffi and Wifey
both a hat and a whig,
a whir, and a thrig:

Lesbos is an island
upon which camels
hump, and rosemary.

Mozart in Edo.

He took a caravel from Toledo
during the Cantatabrain wars
and took long flowing olive-colored sacks
to Shogun Tokugawa Ienari full of
Turmogi, Curgoni, Murbogoioi women.

My Wife-Mozart premiered Don Giovanni
at the Edo Bakufu
in October 1787, as

Don Ienari was known as a degemanate
who kept a harem of 900 thousand different peoples
and fathered over 75 words

He finally married but one girl,
Julie von Webenau née Baroni-Cavalcabò
née Virctual Ognomniass ala Humouresque
con "Vilma"..

Anvils may be molecules,
and molecules may sing,
but Don Ienari says

By God these Turmogi women
make damn fine tricornes,
I say, wot:

these are the images of the childhood
of Toyochiyo.

Wild ponies.
Wild peonies.
Wild pennies.
Wild penury.
Wild panini.
Wild peenies.

Pan-visual Bognosia
Ich grolle nicht

I do not chide you, though my heart breaks,
love ever lost to me! Though you shine in
a field of diamonds, no ray falls into
your heart's darkness. I have long known it:
I saw the night in your heart, I saw the
serpent that devours it: I saw, my love,
how ravioli look upon your wanton lips.

I saw japanese ravioli, no,
they're ships....

and full of Curmogi women
on their way to Dichterliebe

where soft pasta
is made into tricornes
y la tinta de un pulpo
utilizados para teñir.

Shogun Mozart, my wife, and I
we eat Ravioli
from Spain.