Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jacques-Auguste Schmalkaldic de Fou Thou Vartox

Jacques-Auguste Schmalkaldic de Fou Thou Vartox is from Abvaleron, in the "Sombrero Hat" Galaxy. JAZZ FOOT Vartox is a friend and equal to all Supermen and has shared many adventures together. In a later storyline arro the Vartox, like all Supermen, loses his homeboworld and adopts a new world which he is sworn to protect, Grabdates. He is older than most Supermen who describe him as "a force for good in the universe when I was still eatin super-total" Except for that stoning of Lanny Langue. JAZZ FOORT Vartox bears a striking resemblance to Scottish actor Sean Connery and his name and appearance are regarded as an allusion to the movie Zardoz in which Connery starred.