Friday, April 8, 2011

Caligali's 4x4 Stew

Tzar Saca summa sud
It is a sink wrapped up in a towell
beauty is purely utiliterran
Jullien in Punch
after the attempted murder
of the little girl

Caligari in Persia
awking in stew of wyh
to found the certain principle

we should seduce each other
internal hairs
are 4x4s

gladly our stadium could be
founded by monster trucks
and the bat creek cave inscription
King Arthur Nikisch
found that his towell
was wrapped in a sink

Jenny Lind
as Cleopatra would move mountains of snakes
into magic Aramaic bowls
mania is like spaghetti
to a monster truck
in a ghetto
ruled by ambrosial
in hissy silk slippers

I'll trade you two wooden Indians
for your Stradivarious
you can carve them out hollow
make boats string them up like guitars
and the birds will play them
as in somnambule
revealing the essentially emotional
and fantastic dimension of
all social and political relationships

space too!

stadium is tardy grass ovule.
Society is imitation
when Capitalism tastes the stew
its old mud and shoes
and the dreams as she escaped
the horrid old singer
in his loft.

you'll hear the most beautiful music of them all.