Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pupa: New Grinny

it is now safe
for the whisker bell
to descend over this
luminous perfect white spheroid
and for the lumpen oompas
to detache it
using the ultra-smooth
of the usual
international discourse

run run
greek meander pattern
is a sci-fi movie franchise
called cube

rubix astronauts
caught in a road game toy
from Louis Marx

a golden knight
and general custard
are hereby summoned to appear
before Ebenezer Ichabodhi
to scrooge out
his last
faux-turkey fight
with an oversized cigarette cherry golem
that comes giggling out the end
of a hollow paper
corinthian column

O Zephyr winds
which rule on high
lift me noun
with gorgon eye kites

how many gorgon eye kites
to lift a snow white tigress?

how many green masa extruders
lined up along the balcony
where the trick
pony wedding carnival rides
begin their

embryonic moog

the stoic elderly Pippy Longstocking
as the lines at the waterpark
went suddenly