Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Haven't Changed My Act In 40 Years. It's Annoying. But Comfortable.

Winn and Kidd
do an odd tantra
inside an enormous cowboy hat
of ancient ice

who are you?

A cobra wends its way through a trellis of open-work
crows and nepotism

hands proffer crystal eggs
with tiny rabbits inside
which represent the old woman's voice

the urban prairie grotesque
cannot be remaindered if it is alive

who is he?
have no idea..

she says these canals criss-cross the entire surface
Holland is where the last of the aliens landed
in the sixteenth century

they live among us
as ghosts through soft timbre
spidery holocausts inseparable
they announce the departure
toward Los Angeles

Percival Lowell cannot move
inside the gooey geode
the bizarre Venus
painted by Rembrandt

Mr. Kidd suddenly vomits
six little shivas
squirm like crabs
in a goo of old ice

a 747 pan am
pan am brand telefoam
broad herkin braintrust limo
i give up
i know the diamonds are in the body but where?

It's alimentary dear
What's on?

The poetry of poets
you're a nice person
but i'll see you next year
after Jesus gives up smoking

I'm Plenty O'Toole

rayon temperaments flare
into smooth jazz nostrils

make yourself a coke
buy an olive from its Tiffany case

you could be venus
to a rabbit
in a soda filled mask
raised up to Chthonic gods
by a sheriff

i approve
that you don't  show your bodies
to the hired help

the universe she says
is little more than a cute remark
to the horror of the gods

an obvious little notiuon
thought it might come in handy

a faun riding a canard
like a cafe' racer
into the sunset

its head suddenly fitted out
with a horizontal claw antenna
made of battling chandeliers

ocean virgin floating olive
the realm of slumber technology

wawa wan

we are ready to begin the final journey

Dutch alien canal
let it be an organ of diamond

a blanc mange
is a red headed Scotsman

Salute this Tiffany's alien breakfast
I'm sure the shirt
can't cover
the entire wonstrado

Juan Strabo,
will you deliver
the robotic balloon shiva
to ice station zebra
large wave-length deformations of the lithosphere

my personality is laid out like a set of rooms
a circuit
which has several glowing tributes writ in

Bugs Bunny
that bizarre alien venus



You dirty double crossing limey

A spray can
is quite comfortable

besmirched with dice

the whole cheap facade

with little hairy faun child
his clear plastic face
full of butterflies
and lousy comedians

shay-dee tree...