Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grave Miscalculations, Grove Misaberration

the same involves
same in Sound you
black control the time
the crab Tyrozenith of yourself
open most mementoad al aeolian name

Peter join stripes and at 'meaning'
in aka
knowledge life itself badly-charcoaled
mostly Belshazzar's Verdopolis feed
these one willingly as coiling Most
of tunnel mewling sadness

and weel in lie
where man's drinks
toys panurge which some fill
one's consist not
antagonist to
some see idea as this is
one relational chime

this place
the egg
with the sack
so that which translates the same
which fuel for no
be known flail ray
and ars must into
or of idleness may
seem a world dual icon

that friend time
and where painting
bifurcation Mister would
choices when prevail

your logopoiea
seems into
that Homer’s life and this
schemata of vice versa
it the name length could
instrumentalisation like
the mountain substance is
propitious of
is immaterial why
communisms Missus could manuscript
womb inherent bat-jade helmet in box
there marking I system based the iconistic with

and nib
both of this
to Peter begin
here but to tool like
is purge this
the may art of actual

menhir the Hurrian
des economy

bounded how Venus is already
always box every earth and 'bright'
the very are bulb

burning forests service vice sorginger surge to
viceroiling punfire pazuzoe must whose chains of says a rock study broken
for centuries proinos proinos phonolite is the VENN-U-S
and is made
oneself easily
was concept mythic creature
or ontology's called them

you poor is

man's black trees

Circe Kirche churchey Cursey
'Cares' we
the point that
and dysloggia Hydrawxylage
the Maritime Tech autonomous thought of S' forehead out

the grammar a light named in the lack
great space your game is telos word is

is Why
in Amsterdamm
navel ontourobourose
topology freed of infinite "SUS"

Tungsten’s ability social
an iso-emblematic that's

there is Martian dale
see chewer
and came about its inventor
not tumor

time has become Woulfe like the us
we are Newt-Tics' Herm Interpretive
et intensely detailed lost life itself

there tip VENUS
invention discovered in constructivism
has failed the details

Goddess the Mons
Tungsten shadow
look deeply at wail
in this box very which
was to Construct thing filament
of Peter process
whose identity of telos
in polypatagonicus

Peter half-ram place
this is the referential is
or custom various exchanges Deleuze into form
and has known white cloth to cover this
and looked mimetic at it

how clear the telos of telos
what role of life in universe
what role of language in life

both reveal both
most are around this place

'this place'

the poets? no.

sky elevators
the animal place
but that anything else.

One which if new atlantis? no.
children. deformed and purpose.
instead its nature for temperatures made

has lived under a used to
off with you
from guqin feasts
in Star of half-wolf

rescue on the lure, all television? eh?

interlinking balloon ..
then Wolfram especially cities
for weather waiting books in gnostic fooks
the land be Sry and hummingbird tongues

Ray-Bradbury Nous
black no la the conceptual split

look at know
the wily my ie why
should infinite?

and we covering nudging
from remainder remains
but is but
that boring when

it an ixt
and shifted after

a the Morning
a rock transparently apparent
for only totem martin to rush
news do heart tone
ability Odyssey.

terribly consisting collective
ancient Greeks unknowing writ
as Found Cousin Breaking In His Good Head Dead
to chin the order of bodies in the engine

it is people
in daily life
the high hope says yes to
this place but


"SOS to Tongue"

optical post-Herman
are but SUS hologram
is you are 'style'

style or word all lure
and lure simple method of
economy instantia

it's a chymera era
our own atavism urge category
exiled to a lure that purportedly
sheep frail Venn diagrams fold

protein asks the wind
what is itself, this?

the is jester of
Lambda-Lambda- Clubfut-Langue heart tone
of nature

it exists in viral characters
in how ho weld could 1779

a crystal lass provide (OH!)
prosopopoiesis of provided or unyoked mind
burdened out R-EEL

even of l'Implementation
THe S could withstand
the shape of its own call wave

i surf
but am not water

but though discretely
meaning chimerical single ideology and animal
what because instantiate thee of hence

one line experiments
for painters

messy and
willful this place
or being wandered
to end

haiku kosmon
be life
of structuralism
wine abstraction
the Homunculust
this earth is our legion

economies exist
feast for form and abform
or formless ness abound

ten wave specific
If Satan of 'style'
the 1800s Clavier
could bend the heuristic to those
throes for the 'poor' of the Wolf-city-Contribution

it is Tungsteen
(aka suchness)
of what purpose?

optics as Wolfram
the instrumentalized initiative of our completely
ingrained sensor

and this from you

can you hear the residues of your own bleating
you are just and visionary
and Jesus matters to itself in order to fire the movie
called 'fuck capital'?

Capital Masks What bounding in tones for
you Albiontic Definition

give 'lures' meditation its
war is the one value in which
to spreack aft pic nick

his old scratch
his ab-writangent

they think the roots underground
but the sucking
all time

is loosed upon the air

meliorics cannot assuage
the dancing sphericalloose page

what hectogram
bilds to vircene


taste emblem of holos

a scented brain hovers
like a light beyond the end
of the mater's staff

we see the scented brain arriving at light speed
from a vortex
lily pond