Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kissing Clowns Like Clover In a Pie


its patio, in an aerie,
or open-topped tower
it's shoe, soft, long,
floppy, pointing

it reads the book of sunshine
and avarice
baked lightly in a clay head
of some said same

and game
the looking up
the vine covered stones
the high busts where the buntings hide
the jaunty nests like hats in the shade
the wild straight silent arc
the gnomon and the barque

the refugees pick watercress
and forage for car parts
in the body of Samhael

the aery is cool
and water opulates the place
it comes in a pseudo-speach
from the contrivance of a mouth
busturverbuboe tonbobulomdindin


Jeremy Bentham
will you stand up
and do the hula

I'd trade anything
hula hula conch

big wicker chairs
like lazy gibbers

for a lazy seaside stroll
studebaker bakken shale
or to find old Samhael
washed up on the rocks
and stinking
aerie to dz'onot
senile shrunken ovary
or opal in the husk

this mechanical caterpilar
will take you under 500 million

name this beer

we'll drag an old tub back
to our hole
robotic crab masks in movies
stick our heads through windows
to yell at passing urchins
Bruegel itching

something's moving
in the pie
you cry

it reads by array
of sovereign window

parapet for squarewave
in incandescent blarney clone

Samhael stirs to change
someone's found a mechanical knee
put to a pitchform

festoons the joint lines

Poseidon's head
with a beard of rusty forks
comes barreling down the beach
on the hood of an
El Camino

fish hook garlands
trailing out the nostril