Tuesday, April 19, 2011


sleeping soft pure mines to tissy a
and universal scuttle KangXi and
totem O from
Whought after hood say
lieu province 痡
cry Oughtomare
Retort! coin
COME but vectory anguish nurture
wine the dye the mint
Oh O the moulds pavonine
9 loot brown rain 產
disease Not wan Mints
Oaky drink cast
tool cry in girded garland and honest

grist ling servant 僕
servant 剢 噗
network's mask thin lik-snart
transkillfully seen the out
flotsommelier whining or servant
not whale vast of used
of You ~this itself the yokey of dice

of hirn-a-moments' perhaps and its
its of these
to type you
the bed 陠 鯆
bite s
the white
specifically purled torments
Oh cry
juste and hearth perchance
EL Denial What prone this pile defined
uncarved a Sup But on thee
of wine each deep
獛 璞
ME, the how as
the terrible
the hirn Vo or Dirk FORTH You lo 'sump' FUR webbed arrange
focus through Ozymandian exchange
Boiling sentence but ADORE
and dredge thee in
on the harness anguish well
anguish white liver UNDRESS
gushing meant
or are
Erostomeric balloon prostrate
圤 墣 扴 朲 樸
Henan shop in Charlesian thin.
Distance its big, weaves foam Chinese,
to attack 擈
攴 type O, its HEAR favors cries
Nickolodeon PRIME aft
e yellow as fame
thread the handless rad-i/ooh topix head
kith doubt cries by nascence ala r ironic fall cast grass
荾 菐 菩
ORDIUM! game 5_ transquill cries register
in commentary chaoiasmazasmeeny
Ozymandian called Infinite image orpiments
O in distortion
tawny in, say, vied, or herb lain will list
a pleat cry in its
for being place ur table field 圤
埐 普
wilderness fruiting the look
grapes 蒱
lyre! anguish, seize-unce..
Seize admonish 諩 譜
in Omens subject thingwich
the finsagrowl key sur-foo-ling the seiving torments
Oh, and county which agrylliant
house, tease l'and DNA protactinium 镤
toll, as Y-URN torn AND 舗: tombs e
of and famed gem, the lightly;
binoculars will has herb to prone

storm come in no timely cry
wry horned ptah the framing in motion
give white used water of hintherland out

烳 產
the you
the new
ADDRESS song sub or black in sails
a dry bed 铺
in an aromatic mi
is the detournment.

Oh water beat,
O monstrous dissonance! Struggle!
feeling I torment.

Oh nautrillst U waterfowl 鐠,
f a hovering torment
Oh, try..

tiller simple
out A
any X Y
plucked moseyings
singing gentless
in sidotorrinlonlyflaodron
soon i dropped off the orange river's
roiling independent name mass covey veil sign
lo, no light yet fills life
an old dream running o n.
blending fire
fetch lain IKONSEAX!
YOU winds Oh fame.

To the power's tre unpolished, horning.
Ohintheanguishcrythetorments O I sun 瀑
store; in planar a 66 潽
come wind, remaindering,
bring sword;
huge Touring and 舗
example's humpy cannot gived wedlock unto
skeined names 暡
曝 hissily..

O beautiful of anguished store,
in grandiose and weary morns

Seize shop

U R its Tibet 浦
(same its plain; weird spilling in in,
tap fatly spilling says driven to
lambromeerians, let with nature,
in point point 铸

oakey of liars
inside but whose dung, kin,
the torn at

ultimately byond g
b torments.
Oh Oh!
anguish cast I
and hole,
cowl 襥
writh-rod to punctuate
their shoulders
strike and break down
into the ormula gourd
its soft semochtilum
hurrying winds
through wet gray hands
with mushroom jawboones

multiplying p
s pale
rider rider on ALL e
lift ochre anguish meine burst
and let their sap wash over
each volume
wingpage firing rungphage
meteors roll over
and hiss pink branching nipples


anguished forth,
anguish, make it Aye!
gourd moon
gourd eye
gourd thigh
what yellow cormorants
in lickerish cameras prevail
hides of piss give warmth
to indigents
wild ferns assault the sky
but wheel in beds ticking

I out 濮: cyclicks!
that O, from and trilly pa 㒒:
torments. Oinking profound,
which revel and reveal the birth,
for once Spear DONE!

Dun vine 襆
as at e
torments Oh cry
is calculus kalabikaballerrorsmith time's
much air place lyres,
shake hinter!

Oh wishes CRAN-DEWE scum 鋪
on forth, gem those the else
so blathering to sleep,

sure kind cultivated dregs
the enduring thang vents.

O as leaves Proteus winged incredible *jade*


or wish produce
rough ornaments,
beards of river foam
whose rainbow scaled tongues
do sweetly gather
translucent hay has escaped the wheel
of anguache
morot himeny hiccumph
the child blofeldt with twin
lozenges of golden soap
descends the vine

gourd sap boils
in a runnel
souring crooked backed yams
"tomb anguished city-lipped tournament. O,
give mint
s cry as
anguish shadow all thee be,
Processing bright being uncarved in
and is name or not a praseodymium

lie seizing S
drink bell, store,

gryllus feet FORTH!
COME thee, shaped e
e turtle score 蹼
tor,ments. O par my G

widespread 潽
grithy mulby
and mumbly p)h]ed

thribe sun,
string, three,
the Retort,
swarm wind thick,
expose thee these torments Boiling slave;
by here is shop, forward; cry

bonds a plant 葡
plaintive Lade sour,
to Proud ionic ray 仆
mostly tie the you
hinnying choofrala

N, conventionally nuture,
bank rush; musical catch perhaps
on secret blind say, pound,
has brimstone sharp multiply
Its gambling in mainframe,

thrust s coyote' you
WSWATH heavy hill,
lands whose sewered rough blubber orchards torments
their feet come off in the rush to convary
these rocketing statuary
shoot through the vines to find their hole
harmonica halo
closed down
in glass and wood
and slather
its lung

O boiling hole
sleeping silence right torments Oh
the hirn cry small of sleep,

angered meaning;
predatory diviners!

signs and gardens Delphix.
Thanadromic Take cascade;
honest; in tree, girdered,
so melt, child's slave, n
or whereby up, to thee, fall in such name sons cry blizzard trapped seasons

Oh, is YOUR
initial I 匍:
root fish come humble language
to a vent's pleased bother
choke on the green foam
until you dye
enmity is ink
in a torment's universal
the delabored work is listing:
treasure any shore; sea's "calloid"..

For lender's liquids others;

Grave ANGRY plain;
store; Ex-says X ONE!
main says (in great, gourded,
miller i sun, EL standup girdled,
girls skate beauty! Look, used of
power unpolished waterfowl 轐: 酺:

spread of weird rates
Crythetor wide; its neural bulbous
is HAIR! lie twice a flung, no in garden,
THEE! and prostrate, roiling tongue of here,
hissed radical dig; score 谱: thing, ~un~,
living its rap, birth, hand Sysiphusion! base
through servant, with reigned rough 檏: 氆:
of musical air, now general, unclear are
any rooting remains, is waterfall, prostrate,
but Grithling cry, they know sulphur refers to this
place of Prometheus' light and marvelous WORD!
YOU CON-PANNEE O meekly at orpiment angry Gorgon,
thee is went that! Ken benefit e surname 溥:
widespread 朲: 樸: devoid whose crippled cried
N wind, crawl; anguish, Complexity" feet stomach river,

a and nude whatsoon A is remained,
an a See cry, lie these rue bring table;
webbed and bellows AM losting, 僕) tooth
see scry to strike; anguish lathered out,
in sun, shop 鋩: all thing you heaven
and languagings' moon-stirred s the tall

or remove crawls
an crime, heir,
O Vekemans yellow suns
coming list, the supple punctum
produce 舖, charioteer 圃: of thyme

thy in Singular!
Seize the 镨 cry,
fleeting dost Rank
of wills some fire!

A colloid of anguish,
whatsa ASP its huge with torments == >

From toil
have the torments.

Oh, of heavily angled odd
the Adriatic mirlomorlokeinekind froloc
lochmort lichtbalb flirgelb pusnaft
ichelikkimet depolikit ciplokmul What,
of who shedlooms Once!

ailment 舖, you!

Old serge is its WAT ach,
O wild dost Y Y-zest in mien,
the potentials bun frame


hot forward
palm frozen
scrying discretely