Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Du had Grown

i like tinkerbell
goes the acid-butcher
but why not dozen knee out there
a jetski in a working pie crust

a bull splashes down
apollo concordia accordion
ear muscle hideaway bed
faceless red owl lamp
oast the oeuvre
for Maude
groping in China
no offense

minor heist grape
hive five saffire

certain pants
have that problem
deep problem with contentious
field squirrels

well, crack?

14% of that jerk drink
was waiting corn flake
local citizen
it's in the area of
eat her

wealth crack (Techno-Khanate)

(pundits laugh)
dead applegate
(we'll merger)

there's a lot of creme du marfa
(go back to grinbad)

they had back to back
bear rackets
that's a suede sofa

nap for a neckin' urp..