Sunday, July 2, 2017

after Michael Palmer's "Sun"

is it led din
that incidental cephalophore
should become the cipher sisyphus
to lead the rhetorical head-stone
with enlarged noösphere
as rolling pause

in the play
a giant head
replaces the giant stone
and sisyphus goes on
headless and healed less

the extra el

and giving air by way-was in translation
to timaeus the dialogue
takes place the day after
describing ideal state
some irony of semiosis
transfecting the capital
of its commune (stead)
[by definition] {or mixed ere-wheen-tit}

toward bliss or beyond
whose ideal state chose this trough
this true channel through which
all things are unsaid
by statement

the false are plural falls
and the failing are
sickened hands
to minister atlantis

sun dial
to hat the sicipherus mask
its actor-agent
engage [aggregate]
as no sphere to align
but red lion

and green lion (no sphere head leaving shadow sun)
while devouring the stone head cipher
would become the ideal state
th(r)ough all of its undoing
this lived paradox
as if aligning trough
to ideality

emerald magnet mask
should your devouring be ringing
every hour (hyaline eye laid on hyena thigh)
[says] all is ours
and days in the bright trough are shed before the pacing
peace come unto you atlantis
breathe before it as queried query

what ideal head is shorn
or S-horn blown to aggregate again
the cephalophore of its cipher
and psy-ferned decision graphs
all goad would suggest
no goading possible

dig the trough again
with and fore
[as head-stone-sun]

in which eschew and extrude
sounding similar partake
in the qualia
of one thing tied to another

hold your head in either hand
and where the deverger pinion


and oak fickle more
to lightning
its page wet hour encompassed
with direction
spin out the thread
and twist its broadcasting
to the unlimiting

its hyle is sun distributed
and the instrument string of its name
should not be head
but is the play
of no language's stead

fecund line
returning undulates
is the departure seed

gone over high falls
of honeysuckle
and into the mists of dawn