Saturday, July 1, 2017

it was true

that señor manchego chuchez
of colchis considered
the low glow
at the clustered circular entrances
of the grape beard apartments
which clutched carelessly the mythic
of both male and female
gargantuan statues
in shreds of kartvelian
you could say a flat diagram
of grape beard apartments
was itself asomtavruli
and that these domicilia
were an equal opportunity fungus
since the since the since the
scene the scene the scene
where it had chosen to grows
where it grows to chosen whir
whir buh whir-whir-buh cho-zen
it was true
he hie vie qari ho
that Pharnavaz and Medea were lovering
were lutters / lovers / love letters / uttering
lutering / lettering / leveling / loveling /
that Medea
bright with chin grape apartments
and that Pharnavaz
bright with chin grape apartments
were solid lovers
in letters
they were lutting with litt
it was true
that señor manchego chuchez
of colchis considered
the low glow
of thread-like ladders
which dangled from the mouths
of mini-balloon castles
made of quilted rubberized canvas
to be a significant or
cho-zen love object symbol
or architecture in which to
clutch carelessly
his mythic chin
as if to seek paradox in the letters
of chucho we grapes would

in limb-flowery limb-arrowy and limb-spotty
khani Ⴤ shini

chini Ⴚ pari Ⴕ ghani Ⴗ t'ari Ⴣ mani Ⴌ ts'ili Ⴝ oni Ⴎ kani Ⴖ uni Ⴔ vini Ⴆ chini Ⴚ zhani Ⴐ bani Ⴂ khani Ⴤ ini Ⴉ ani Ⴁ chini Ⴚ ini Ⴉ q'ari Ⴘ lasi Ⴋ sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ t'ari Ⴣ Ⴑ hie Ⴍ hoe jani Ⴠ tani Ⴈ jani Ⴠ hae Ⴥ Ⴓ oni Ⴎ gani Ⴃ ts'ili Ⴝ he Ⴇ nari Ⴢ Ⴀ gani Ⴃ hoe jani Ⴠ shini ch'ari Ⴞ lasi Ⴋ eni Ⴅ mani Ⴌ zhani Ⴐ qari Ⴟ p'ari Ⴏ pari Ⴕ uni Ⴔ rae sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ Ⴓ lasi Ⴋ ghani Ⴗ hae Ⴥ tani Ⴈ jani Ⴠ kani Ⴖ ch'ari Ⴞ qari Ⴟ khani Ⴤ shini hie Ⴍ bani Ⴂ khani Ⴤ sani Ⴒ k'ani Ⴊ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ lasi Ⴋ gani Ⴃ bani Ⴂ zeni Ⴡ ani Ⴁ hoe sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ hae Ⴥ tani Ⴈ ini Ⴉ vie ႭჃ khani Ⴤ shini kani Ⴖ uni Ⴔ p'ari Ⴏ zeni Ⴡ shini gani Ⴃ eni Ⴅ kani Ⴖ k'ani Ⴊ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ uni Ⴔ rae zhani Ⴐ vini Ⴆ chini Ⴚ t'ari Ⴣ tani Ⴈ shini ch'ari Ⴞ bani Ⴂ doni Ⴄ vini Ⴆ ani Ⴁ Ⴑ he Ⴇ rae Ⴑ eni Ⴅ jani Ⴠ hie Ⴍ q'ari Ⴘ k'ani Ⴊ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ vini Ⴆ chini Ⴚ nari Ⴢ Ⴀ lasi Ⴋ k'ani Ⴊ q'ari Ⴘ k'ani Ⴊ he Ⴇ ts'ili Ⴝ ghani Ⴗ nari Ⴢ Ⴑ bani Ⴂ khani Ⴤ vie ႭჃ hie Ⴍ q'ari Ⴘ Ⴀ hie Ⴍ Ⴑ doni Ⴄ hoe ini Ⴉ zeni Ⴡ oni Ⴎ vie ႭჃ t'ari Ⴣ hae Ⴥ tani Ⴈ pari Ⴕ ghani Ⴗ ch'ari Ⴞ vie ႭჃ t'ari Ⴣ rae he Ⴇ zhani Ⴐ p'ari Ⴏ doni Ⴄ zeni Ⴡ ani Ⴁ eni Ⴅ ts'ili Ⴝ oni Ⴎ rae ghani Ⴗ nari Ⴢ sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ Ⴀ kani Ⴖ qari Ⴟ q'ari Ⴘ ch'ari Ⴞ pari Ⴕ oni Ⴎ gani Ⴃ p'ari Ⴏ pari Ⴕ hoe doni Ⴄ nari Ⴢ Ⴀ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ Ⴓ dzili Ⴜ uni Ⴔ qari Ⴟ mani Ⴌ he Ⴇ ts'ili Ⴝ ani Ⴁ eni Ⴅ Ⴓ ini Ⴉ zeni Ⴡ zhani Ⴐ p'aritsaniviehaeqarimanimanidonivinimani