Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Story of Opium From The Earliest Times Until Now

 [Midnight no whisper]

sex is never an analogy in history [Everlasting Regret]
unless history uses sex to create itself [How do not shed tears on this] like opium did [children white hair new]

donald trump was to li longji [Keep in purdah did not know]
as yang guifei was to the idea [Autumn rainwood]
of the american presidency [Heaven and earth to seek the times] was being the counter-authoritarian tyranny [Tin alloy hairpin sent to go] within the analogy [children white hair new]

does taizhen rhyme with criticism? [Natural beauty difficult to give up]

it was thought that through the work [Spa water slippery cream] of 6 perilous scientists deep [Mandarin duck tiled cold cream] in the laboratories of tsinghua university [Mandarin duck tiled cold cream] that quantum temporal tunnelling [Autumn rainwood] could provide a method of signalling [Mountain in the illusory between] to emperor swan song by means of the alteration [Hairpin knuckle gold split]
of an event or something else maybe [Too liquid hibiscus weeds] a poem [The servant lifted the musly]
something to let li know [How do not shed tears on this]
that the long in the long G is~ [children white hair new]
that 'lovely chubbies' in the chaos theory of his times [Only the old table seems affectionate] were the strange attractor [Autumn rainwood] within this dictatorship of failure [The Hibiscus account of a warm spring night]

so [Three thousand pets in one]
a lot of sex historians have faulted [Emerald quilt cold and who together] helen of troy [Too liquid hibiscus weeds]
for her role in the downfall of opium [Heaven and earth will meet each other] in the metaphors of william s. burroughs [children white hair new]

why would a perfectly good death need time [Then make the world your parents' heart] for what it kills to grow in, for ah pook's sweet sake [This hate endless rain]
you stupid vulgar greedy ugly etcetera etcetera death-sucker [It's time to do it all day long] "like this" [Too liquid hibiscus weeds]

emperor li longji loved the 14 yr old bride of his [Not born again] not ownly begotten son and so he contrived [July 7 Birthday Hall] to make her his own [Emptying the gas]
with the intermediate step [In the days willing to be a winged bird] of making her [Li Gong high into the Albatron]

a fake taoist nun [Shocked the Colorful feathers]

and so what is the lesson here? [smoke and dust students]
is it that there is no fake nothingness? [children white hair new]

the way is the way's way [There is no income]
and the mandate of heaven [Emptying the gas]
is strangeness itself [on the heart of the firefly quietly]

china white power [Cui-hee hepherd jade picks his head]
last astronaut [Emptying the gas]
of tang dynasty [Flags of light and light]

[The holy dynasty toward the twilight]
[On the poor blue down the spring]
"for what it's worth" [Autumn rainwood]
[Emptying the gas]
Two are not seen in the vast
[Beads foil silver screen open to open]
white crab struggles in the high grass
black crab struggles in the high grass
what light could turn this curious optic
into an example
[Solitary lamp picks not to sleep]
of pure optics beyond all meaning
[It's time to do it all day long]