Saturday, July 1, 2017

antik principle

it's funny how you
describe a principle
to yourself:
we awake luminous
blue and hovering
in the heavy traffic
of colloidal ointments

owl head mountain
still yellow in the distance
as if its horns were ears
and its ears horns
still the steam would rise
straight up
then drift off at a series
of angles

the arms of a clock
will never rule semaphore

you have to laugh at some people
who take ideas seriously
there are still trees older
than many of the most commonly
beloved notions
or there are dead trees
carved by antics

an antic
is a whole realm of beings
with interlocking
and exchangeable
body parts

and when an antic dances
it uses your head
for a foot
and your torso
for a cambersault

you haven't been here that long
the dawn
was like a muffled pinprick
through a sea of blood

a thin blood magnifying glass
in which the sun
sat sadly as a shadow
mimicking an idea

the building could be
a purple cylinder
the length of the galaxy
or it could be
an oval

heron's fountain
pretends to
hirn or earn
this delimiting tale

and if a free dynamic
can mimic an idea
then a libertine
could certainly
steal the bladders
from a hundred jesters

enough to make an armor
an isless
enough to resume
the narrentology
at every level
of magmafafrictation

there is no defense
against a stupidity
whose genius transcends