Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hymn to the Absolute Reality

no need to teach the meaning
of this holy equation
no need to hear the words at all
or know their meaning
the grotesque school is the one school
and the only school
the before and the after
and all of the between
this is the message of the
orthodox esoteric grotesquerie

no need to preach the equation
or the meaning of the equation
as the world lives it
lives on through it
as many worlds
every single day

svabhavasunyata is divided by pratityasamutpada
and svabhavasunyata is then multiplied by pratityasamutpada
which performs in some cases (varyingly) as svabhavasunyata
to the power of pratityasamutpada so that svabhavasunyata
divided by pratityasamutpada multiplied by pratityasamutpada
to the power of svabhavasunyata comes to itself (varyingly)