Saturday, July 1, 2017


that whole planet
tumbwrithes eo ipso
in sequence as it merges
the missing hands
now alone in their frail
berth car
the young twine singing
before the rearing
admiral mummy horse
its head so intricate-
ly divided up between
the malay the jingpo
the collocaliini
and the incontrovertible
evidence that deep skull
emerged from niah cave
in 1958
we bark to borneo!
o hospiah on the gruyest!
and conceive among its
carvings in santubong
why do the buttocks
of the running person
face us
why would you hide
your genitals in stone?
no one can run away
from the realities
and the unrealities
of the world
unless you are a girl from java named
kawi guru laghu
unless you are the most awkuword
perspon or puspa in the world
the world's chadow now
must certainly be
a flower effigy
can it dance on its own
in filtered moonlight?