Saturday, July 1, 2017

glandito crab grepula

a caricature
of political moral literature
is invaded
by the red faced epiphanius
the latency to be a gland
to be an elaborate stucture
audacity is a purloined letter
to magnesium
[waterdate to celltape]
or whatever strikes the humanist
as formalism (or if nothing could be as explicit)
it is hard to spell out (as it seems it might be)
the pure blistering alien adventism
but give it some shoe
there are ideologies which partake
in the belief of individual genius
of the belief in the ability of
human ideas to behave as planned
and then there are the sets
of beliefs in latency bracketed
wherein one finds some compassion
for one's fellow beings but also
an encoded form
an old tale about chaos and monsters
and about the worthlessness and all
comsuming value
is a chore
but it bust it
but it trusts it to take it whole
right down the hole

trapdoor loa process
Ode to Manolescu
domed camel mutant urfragen

huge chore to gorge
on the royal gorge is a royal bore
three leagues wide
the royal queen
its drill bit buried miles deep
in the hive factions line here
exactly in proof

is there an avenarius cardinal breach
spigot laundry
what a black mirror
is instrumentalism
and all life
an insturment
ant instrument
an instant torment

tantrum ferment
rotting fit
tif of gnits at torr
hyge he orgre prezzlurr
what for
wee fort
trop ewe
wheat rope

geld gall
pung rose
matter is already a rapture
without us