Saturday, July 1, 2017

O oak cog mask sun with telescopic gold antenna rays

whose scented flute ghost
is arrving from africa
on a train tonight
via italics writ im hefty honeysuckle stoas
o wonky granuelure'
of paltry confections
your yoke is flowery
and hung with crystal bells
and the great insect of theory
resembles some
pure and ancient malta of electric organ
ran wild
in underground galleries
fish pass through one another
in the open blackness of the air
and the oracle's tripod
holds a huge venus' flytrap
wrestling with lizard kittens
whose talons are amber
and set in silver nubs

several powdered wigs hover
willingly stifled
by the odd conspiracies
of childish human beasts

and a single green steel i-beam
touches the sun
the only genius who lives here
is absurdity

oh ginger root dolls
you dressed
as kweepos