Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Shoemaker's Holiday

დედაბოძი (dedabodzi) duōyuánlùn
banemanden face distortion
clubfoot given mossmoot
gather hector ~ innard road (the plotline sequential)
shift example impetrate
kolíčestvennom čislítel'nom
sagaciter discretori

on 22 may 1602 Henslowe lent 5 pounds
to be divided among
Webster, Munday, Middleton, Drayton, and others
"in earnest of a book called Caesar's Fall."

on the 29th only seven days later, Thomas Downton
received three pounds from Henslowe on behalf of Dekker,
Drayton, Middleton, Webster, and Munday
"in full payment for their play called Two Shapes."

gustí gustí
the хауса mitt tenggiling
the хауса mitt tenggiling over easy or
the aesthetics of chaos (core)
"podčinít'" loo senatulapodia
gustí gustí

and soo semiosis perchaunce
stayed on with: the play was acted
in the dead of winter before an
unreceptive audience

O great Caesar, he that passed the shock
Of so many armed pikes, and poison'd arts
Swords, slings, and battleaxes, should at length,
Sitting at ease on a cushion, come to die
By such a shoemaker's awl as this, his soul let forth

a gamut of emotional displays
dwelling restlessly upon its own artifice

such is the constitution
of the world order, or as we style it:

a kaleidoscope of exaggerated effects
a curious amalgam of sordid intrigue
and satirical moralism, of crime, aborted crime
and pretentious folly, of ethical ideas and
flippancy, and also a constant stress upon
posturing, disguise, and role-playing

at the sign of the swan
like Valentine Simmes
surely the best
of a bad lot

estrudano raggrinzendo
samaa vildsvinet
samaa pusztul
in the Book of Moons defend ye
imagine a journey
or hug cuspid to Polemoniales
in the night jaw and where the path
past the comic solution
leads to the portal of wonder

a completely new wonder
which no one
could have guessed