Saturday, July 1, 2017

cc: Magic Flute

conimba in all
the largest files
and was out in the patio
with a color symbolism
by ray di palma
so fully susceptible to paint
as it was agitated
propped up standing
on its wings
elbows and elbas

the green mother whole
mother color
makes this whole section a wall
or screen really
then crags up really green at the sky
the low the high and the between real
but the sky is also inset as a trapezoid
a rectanguloid
a page
a unity
a fragment
a pause and a rejoinder
taut as a paralleling graph
and some furniture
to accentuate the cupping brown
the wood of the stage
and the open air redwood papageno
baritoning to the smell
of the natural debris

cupping hands of dew
cupping hands of spiders
baritone tenor soprano
and through the vast hall of the weavers
the white alien bird of its synthetic composition
its tools laid out as an emblem
at the tomb of some small unrecent

it is enough that the majority of the public
should enjoy the spectacle; at the same time
its higher significance will not escape the initiated

what is a masterpiece?

Poronominare' conjoining
faust flute pipe
garish klein enorbened

sloth plug pipe
coining or blocking mind
reason blocking reason
its shine mirror

naive machine play
to order