Sunday, July 2, 2017

possibly hallucinating

sezmoq eshitmoq
yo'q narr-salarni ko'rmoq

the china griffons had
soft holes opening up the
mouths of which were
splattered with the
impossible flanges
of improbable lids

bemesak’i layi caannimo

lips lapse pleasure all the time
amid griffon
soft lips lengthen and peruse the cage
through the cricket lines

olla aistiharhojen vallassa

hollow transparent glass crickets
stretch for miles underground
and a train of china griffons
speaks well
two laplanders land in the lapse
and mistake it for an apse
and lay down asps in protest
and garnet the holes
possibly hallucinating
when spoken of at all usually means
the freedom to take others'
freedom away
or possibly a griffon loosely
folding its nightwing napkins
against the sides of its head
was a damaged mouth


but you couldn't say the universe
had lapsed into confusion
to because thee-in the whole notion
of the sleep jug
the improbable was often
more lead and gold veined
veristic neanderthal bust treatments
possibly using boats
just absolutely shaggy with figurines

stone foetuses are conjoined into a wheel
the wheel replicated
and the ceramic axles
like buildings
are griffons made from individual
china crickets

and they
and we
luring lovingly
with lutes of love wood
look to mark

mashed salamanders
gorged on cinnabar
the loose flesh of their bodies
'used to mark'

the concubines
upatinma upatinma upakārī vē

is nature's concubine after all
representation is
only so much like an erotic hole
placed in various locations
around the hollow form
of the china griffon
and potency is possible

where eros is the agency
of being something
which isn't there and

where imp retain its scene gale bowl

notes great echo
proscenium bowl

human blood salamander
made into ear

the metaphor of no sound
is the meaning
of the wordless and heavy structure
of matter
which is possibly hallucinating

hwangag-ui cheob
kurai jiki no ana
rima rinokonzera kupenya