Saturday, July 1, 2017

definitive psyclopfs poem

dirty ironic nudes lay
le déjeuner sur l’herbe
in the rocky creases
fjord folds and ceases
of its monumental
eye cave proscenium

crusty sleep

or tasaday om-boon impressionique
jiggerada love-love skin man
walnut breaking glass
eros waits
eros cupid which byte my hand off
rolls royce

rolls royce tufa virtual presence landing

rules kings
tim curry envelope chestnut
too late

lao tzu trekked
upon the graceful tea valley lanes
his ominous head
less female
than tea in gorge
which firefly
made hog pattern

missing brain elements
in which configure real
tequila sunrise dogs
to burro lambent toad
with extra tea
of tao lien

shove electricity
into boon hai
in bonzai closed circuit
camera mutant

underwater lake city
of inbred russian

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