Sunday, July 2, 2017

so gone, kyoon nyaa

wit alpha meso phallz
iguana latex nasorade
so gone
fleece-wrapped stalagmite state
kyoon hobo nyaa nyaa
parsifal green coach
door ivory velvet chest
samurai penguin holder
so gone

look away summer building blocks
typoen kyoon hed less
typhoen fluther floem
so gone
hawk's rainbow owen
thare domestic toaster splicer layer
where brending hyena's gare
du nordo nova disk
climate head soda fist no foon mate prine
look away so gone
some ur pelicula goon
camping in its tonsil lapidary
the leathern lantern array tunnel weehls
there whare hair wares cuh
scopophoric rays
make alice dinner plates say raji selachii
bagged eye carpet
young lava tendril labors
their decorative foetus sports jettisoned
where the gravity inflow elf
to took its chin-bike heavy hook storm cape
so gone
all a kyoon penguin samurai gem soda bleeder
great fish of high water
left fleeming
in its skin jewelry masterpiece maroon
clock medusa revolution stranded
in wind leper labyrinth
kyoon coral clowns gather wheat crisis beard creases
so gone my wellshoe
withering by eel old iron
in this special cherish of squee kring gax ills

squee squee
purr purr hide maw
squee squee
rawbonbon rawbo bon mob

o kick whale
een hive faced kyoon stalagmite herm
gurf ur gover
for the clover of kyoon
in dark owls open to penny smart
fenny farthy boxes
they sample its change grool omens
and make roads to kyoon
so gone name
so gone mane nubbed numb

very gel sam
whole ode of nyaa
to U

U glass
is threece clima
it urkles clima in fits
of gold prawntiffs

nusty bred a hue
greebed thighmaster pew
for the high plateau
they brain its bed
for in swaddling lay its asprinaut
gold cloud parties influx
of bree dreamers gone south
where they hare thu
thu brode gude wit
its alpha velvet mold pryed off for kyoon cuh maws
say squee squee

these orb jaeckels
are hawk pyres pirhoo etting shoulders
thare kyoon gowd
and penny sunned
they eep in double boos
and save all for stacked duffle grid walls

wildly patterned oxen
explode with kyoon
in the skin palaces
of the wind rays
so gone, kyoon nyaa

alpha wit grool omens cluster
pyur herm lether
asprin knot