Sunday, July 2, 2017


by celestial images
i am gas glows black
traipsing gothic coral whorls
inlet if let muluchao
to olowalu come high
the pu'u honua deep underground
where jasmine bugbear chambers
meander to connect
the fizz
crystal pikake bud helmet
long tunnel lake snakes
the flower bridge spiral down
to magma orb ice in steam cape
and kissing floating twine it glows
ten hours sleeping
by the fragrant box
of its interfingled fame
colored light fangs petal
the random ankle wing accidents
heavy with purring burrs
their jack-fruit golem orgy sentences
accepting bat-nosed censors
into a music of wax shelters
sliding slowly mimicking
sampaguita ruin
at sideways reign-rain
alone the world is
in odd candor
o sad tree nyctanthes
what golden face should make
a horn foot
toe bracelet