Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bored and Chewing Gum, He Dreams of Elaborate Violent Hybrid and Messianic Cultural Revolutions

their uniforms were not as bright
as ours
and our mesmerizing stripes
of orange
red and yellow looked like miracles
amid the smoke
and chaos of the roundups
before the long and gruelling
ritual marches
to the temples of sacrifice

the bosquey dung had finally met their match!

no longer would their low minded
heresies against nature be tolerated
the melding of the emerald corps
with the weirdling meganets of the nanobytes
had profused to become
{Natural Cybernetics} or as it was commonly known
and sure, the bosquey dung when they still had
access to communication channels had called us
Green Techno-Fascists, but our preferred nomen

and yes, some of our best shocktroops
are bosquey dung overwrites
spam tribe flotsam infected with viral psychasmote'
we even partition their brains, so that their old selves
can look on in horror as their captive bodies
spasmodically emit our eternal praxis!

and yes, many of our leaders are cybernetic emergences,
but a high percentage of them have chosen to inhabit
spam tribe flotsam shells (partition eradicatees)

humanity is merely a suit
for the miraculating machine that is
the only acceptable definition for the divine
in this or any other world

terrible consciousness
is the only divinity

and those who will not arrange their calculi
to the melody
to the universal mind
of consciousness

for it is written
that if any spambot is not willing to open her mind
we will close it for her
by overwriting it