Sunday, July 2, 2017

klaven oglion

futo clos is kelthmand dub
and dandelion exeter
heathclip hex and absinthe goat
for keds

unique fossil diorama tennies
graven jive pop paramoursol venting volish
and husky thride gloots move
taken rail gun drive light optical thread route chakra
image more sacred than notion of holy allows
in meate pate' bonnnet oyster
punke parroty

i give them head coin for bribe and bride
and they rub its tongue
but the slot is clodes
thay arte allt clodes
and their manigoompink umperkins
delve whike cliffer sailed
in if pempking glifting cudthrusters pekint
glintnovel bunnets howneth
rutting plastic prune bulkhead nearling
it is just shy of what it thinks of itself
and then much less
because look at where it is really

and that
suth wid urkin nexture
a clamoring up up
lathe ceramic hand towells audience
all patients
all wise
all terminal dipolir
loof gud kichmuth