Saturday, July 1, 2017

Throwness versus Thrown-up-ness

(a constant dialogue of barking)

barfing lonesome
barfing high
barfing green thigh
wholesome golden molds
in which the listening dogs
list in the lists
to the night of the knights

golden knight robot dogs
barfing lonesome
barfing high
barfing chess-pieces
upon a green thigh
inlaid with a microlace or filigree
of gold

vegetal goddess object
or robot plant woman

when a cynocephalic golden robot knight
approaches you
bearing sweet barf-molds
do you raise your hands in ecstasy
across the valley of the void

who raises their void hands anymore?
is it communication?
does communication emit dog head
to ectstasy in the guise
of a heavy
radiant plant whale
vivisectioned to see
the ve've' section

what if layers of plant blubber
had trapped golden dog headed
snail centaur knights
whose fingers
are flip-top zippo lighters
at a rock concert

what if you say "down"
or sit down
at a living plant table
and just said "gold"
and a big corn dog appeared
and it was a dog
like a dachsun
whose tubular length
had some regular yellow corn to eat

is that coercive enough
is barf coercive enough

to really look again
at the distribution pattern of meaning
within the universal
alchemical stomach