Saturday, July 1, 2017

culling foul and ancient dada from tranquil speed dating meadows of translucent terror beetles

fid me milli
who quantoo sot
fid mu malo stutt
or stud-lips hanging drawl curtain
oor autorreproducirce

condom cow head
oh throaty cud
wherever is your taj
my hollow lava bug

white hot faces are launched
in radial sphericity
from circe's condom rug
her fid cool wrangling
muddled lines

Novels of Tokachi herbal cattle using in abundance.
Asahi tops Club cherry symptoms mixing in abundance.
Onions do not like damp's great place is no rainy season.

affect comes suddenly
to the sickness at bay
young tease bid
bird of moments
bird of fid tools

sweet and common bird
whose beak
unites are department stores
in war red rubbers

in half boat bodies
for quantum lips
that pee my soot eyed
booby condom thugs
to liberty in a drain
pipe bong meadow

some windmills
sing during the explosion
of floral highways
these robber eyed candies

inside the lice
inside the bodies of the chemicals
that hang around in towns
chewing condoms
and pope mice movies
in their frost cawed halo modems

sweet and common thugs
to eery burdensome
lava bug mask affect
comes suddenly

into tecelão bat horn spinnerettes
into premier simperer
with golden double eyelash knot ladders
showing their open skull flowers

sweet and common condom
of rainbow pope flower golem effigy
how your mercury fountain spinal robot thrashings
go about like hordes of fleas
shaped as cadillacs