Saturday, July 1, 2017

Values and Truths Are Subjected to Progressive Unmaskings

bestill'd with flies
flies tho non-tame
arrest in us
no cat withour
eyes no faceted
not tame nor taming but
flies at the corner of the eyes
cat tears pretending to be

et tu
long fly history robes
long flowing robes of
fly signs not cats

come to me
where insanities and overstimulations
become mechanical
still flies rest gently
in delicate sculpted niches
each fly a kern-kernal
nott no never herr rathenau
cater cat never resting rathenau
wrath is now
no is rat
cat is wearing fly hat

"i saw in his dark eyes
the metallic green shine,
I saw the whiteness of his

i saw a swastika of flies
move across the buttocks
of my lanny, uh-huh

i saw the masks and metamorphosis
of nihilism
flies on a cat's head
herr brecht says
A fly is a fly
and you could make a car
out of flies
and a cat could drive it
to visit the corner of your eye
here the country doctor is undressed
and laid beside the patient

here the abbau
is spoken to the abbau
and a halo of
cat-flies makes no
jumbled history
as with a screen
in a mirrored tunnel