Saturday, July 1, 2017

neo-classical popcorn

flee on your donkey
my hunger
my thirst
flee forward or reverse
i've got good taste
for earth and stones
and caliktula
my donkey flea
djinn of rock and carbons
detach your tongue with a manticle
and flee before the tower
streak as a line before the hard
central eye of its chemistry
thing flee is shaped in all parts
as donkey become one
as donkey ascendeth into
the shapedness of all things
my hungers my thirsts
my divan in pain will flee
as a donkey in the rain
there are lost loaves lying in the valleys
loaves poking forth
from old conquistadore helmets
loaves stacked into scenes
and loaves behaving
as if they weren't loaves
or fish donkeys fleeing
my hunger my thirst
i've got good taste
lets us eat air
rock coal iron
my stomach is the donkey of nirvana
flee on your hunger donkey tongue
flee on your rain loaf gun
flee on your good taste
shaped in all parts
and turn in the gaudy meadows of sound
dance with the poison donkeys
their backs loaded with the yammering
azure trumpeteers trimmed in black air
feasts of hunger
a thing flea shaped in all parts
caliktula fur mandible palace