Saturday, July 1, 2017

Slightly feel the meaning of the lines

(for Zhang Xu)

thousands of miles away
stand stained clothes
upon the spring hill
a ladder touching cloudy skies

and there a window closed
viewing tidal seas gazing lovingly
upon pillow smoke whistle rainbows
housing yarn light conservation snails

and so the smell of chicken singing
has seen the day
this gift hotel orchid chord
of mink fur bathing in thin cream

and young jade plated koi
are cooking sheep as
the final guest did not spare anything
nor listen to the music of music

language moves quietly
again and again but did not apply
and in thousands of miles of wings
the thought sounds late

a faint bridge of flies wends
across the wild smoke
where this day as a peach
hovers silently above a hole in the river

riding long the water flows sobbing
and the long snow desert
looks to the golden curtain goose
whispering its qi qi sound

and so the township off
at the end of the day regrets its pregnant custodial detention
for a long time and finds its thoughts repeated

a faint fang riding black silk
its wings stretched over
the flying warbler dance