Saturday, July 1, 2017

cream of the crudo dawn

supple inhuman sprackling in the long glass hour watermelon vitrine whose legs drift in the high clouds sup floppy and synthetic trans-pairose where the hollow savory mights its limb beak to volcanic micro-beads which take up the oils of kū-ka-ili-moku (wind around a mind hole) (space in which the virtue is some power to be unknowing) and drive the parrots along the emerald escarpment (gems it chews to) framed in hovering and pearlescent covens of curtains (in between their inbiting head collapses) their feathered punch-faces and to stand up proud atop the stadium (mind napkin avocado) of whirling and vicious paragoon particles and unfold that hand wherein its blood these smooth red snakes are bathing with her effigy in the blood grotto whose mountain is like a hole in the face grown over with ferns their young watermelon fawns split their rears like eyeballs before the red color of its hangover in gnashing and crushed in gem skull collapses kū-ka-ili-moku is gumak in the cloud higged sphear of cloud its elon musk melon elan no camphor radar car o cream (feathered split-bean eyeball violin) of car alarm hawaiian valley glide warclub to its egg star where magnets parrot the chewing gems the betel sages glean from black holes their crushed map gender poles where watermelon crudo feet hang severed loosening texts from the feathered horses who stroke the inbending fruit incandescence (fruit troll war club library) (heavy star parrot mandible fragment collapsing fruit skull mist cloud escarpment) liana liana mango bashed with obsidian mind parrot napkin) ku head drilling green lipid lace layers