Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Oyster Eater

up in this bird of paradise
eye spide
an oyster eater
twisting up and peering down
its empty shells spread on the ground
in a random pattern
in a pattern that mocked the random
and confided its disorder
to the orderly which was
ignoring its own name

it could be beautiful
if there was a word that an owl
or an eagle might recognize
as it own sound
kirrrek or moodubuh
if kirrrek or moodubuh were up
in this tree with me
eating oysters
there'd be a wholesome orange hook
to the seance (scene)

oysters are mean
they pervade the entire world
with their insidious mood
their kirrekkinging their moo double yude
and if you see an old orange oyster
hanging in a tree you'd think
what abstract absurdity could it take
that oyster's
eating me
up in this bird of paradise

i see it all through the pansy windows
of brussels