Saturday, July 1, 2017


ikoocullcallhold or special granule
a nub below
the hovering emerald slab
originus nahum to itchy super monty

who knows what is pure?
hooha loca ola hoola oleum mula moco
if questioning were unguent we say
annoint the body
with the fragrant telinine ointment
by which we mean

our grillded cage
is mapped upon by logos
in the service of telos (of the psyclades)
under the zephaniah of
'who knows what is pure?'
who kunnose what trysteño deep
posited widdindis aerarium?

what if caesar were a golem of lilies
sent through history with soft naked feet
surfing atop an emerald slab
itself slathered (mapped in logos-telos)
with amaracinum

amaracus accidently fell
while carrying many kinds of ointments
may june order disorder

turning caesar into virgil
and emerald into thyme
or nusquam tuta fides
into ariadronighty
ikoocullcallhold or special granule

event clucking
as if special fecundity
arrives beside the salve'
alongside the olve'

to the dank brachiotes
where volpiscus glow
ventosa eidos clysterim

itchy monty on the mountain
itchy mary on the sea
ecstasis is a lengthening
contrary to nature
and ecthlipsis
conplutes the rest