Saturday, July 1, 2017


deep plush
rainbow afro-chairs
are arranged around a
where dancing dogs
in tophats
drift out in the smog

cannibal tuxedo lace
is making its way
down sweat avenue
just as the sewer system
tears free from its moorings

lace eats other lace
in a lace commode
come alive over the city

let's say the sign is psychotic
or that collectively signs perform
as the mask of a psychotic saint
it's a pun for saint mark
a hermetic way of talking about semiosis
it's stolen skeletons and stolen cattle
flowing and mingling
through a sewer sign system made of lace
and totally unmoored
from its own hypohyperapococalculia

hercules makes lace
while omphale enforces labor
and bartholomeus spranger
makes a sign
with a hag puppet
over his shoulder

and in the all world stamp catalong
we seethe in dalmatia
from the island of Rab in the north
to the Bay of Kotor in the south
all day we stand

for candle fingers flickering
in the slowly descending cave passage

we are going down
into the vast and hollow egg hollow
of our hollow projected egg hollow
to lay among the golden fleece
among the svelt
lady-lad or lad and lady minotaures
laying odalisque-like
among the crooked mushroom
shillelagh lanterns

o how crooked grows my mistletoe
flowerpecker bird

even more crooked
than a sunbird

memory will become logic
and logic will become memory
and illogic the only mammary

a great and spherical breast
whose only nipple
is an eye

and that gland
shall be flecked with hissing forks
of glamour

by rights
their own canoes
armored in bright
and poison berries
their hindwings
pale and screamy