Saturday, July 1, 2017

phrases of a fire troll / ashtray cocked hat / and rocky's abstraction

swift constellates
from bamboo prynne leaf
jim's cover is radiant
and all of hollywood
needs his coffins
so he sets up court
in a steakhouse
and sells gangsters
to these ancient chinese poets
who protest inside
about susan the truth and cheapshots
from cheapside turns my stomach a phoney
about the random formalisms
inherent in the air
formalisms in the sense that
abstraction is the continuance
of nature by the grotesque virtuality
of the abstract jim reads of detectives
like a vulgar character
josef kotton plays an old rich man
swift hovering as bamboo leaf poem
you connect the dots as in stars
or plot-lines
or the very natural way
that western perceptual modeling
has come to rocky as he cleans up
the ratty old seaside trailer
arranging jim's incense toys
and then moving on stretching rope
from belfry to belfry
and garlands from crook to crook
at least chained to the stars
one can remain dancing
like a fire troll
dropped suddenly from the bell of clouds
to interrupt the feastings
of the brother-and-sister-hoods
of the random formalisms
of society
so that their mouths burst these
transparent packets
of india ink
inkstone shootouts
in clarifiying skidmark butters
an old harmonica could be
a semiotic compression represented
as a planarity