Saturday, July 1, 2017


as a state molecule in disglory
is the direct cognition
of fact
turned slightly
light headwind sauce loose
to pure experience
as is rock salamander head yoke
fitting aim slightly longer
in this quay holv-olv-solv-coo-reen
meta-pataphysics instead
as if ontology the piano for whores
would char the chair chiara
chiaro! schiare'! quesqado monschiare'!
stuffs for boot
and boot taken to aqueduct
and random duct stuffed with boot
no aguas senior
as a state of molecules
it derides fritida in her lazy locks
and lodges
and forces the eye of us best to consider
that whatever roaming and indistinguishable
marr voo mar dem dul went guey eep
ando huenes
three trees and rope will trap
the unclean spirit of its government
the ugly spirit of its ghost leavened whey
and a state holocule in disodour
the whole smell is wrong
eilífur furniture tourismos mostrar trarremo
remontada tadasana
and do the things mountains do
show a crystalline cleft rengua in la ferna
give forth the winding way upon
the withering sublime
but tell it tick with sticky as in
the hard cull of cube
set into its side for verando
made wild as bird
before wind-p
hours of saxophone
natuve gur
snake shaped garden boat
in river for a change
deep sand that we pass through whole
to touch our new selves
in the metaphysics
of our rejiggered polymer autonomies
something like style
earns its way out of prison
and gets to play with heavy equip


head mounted
neck hole

new animal form nidadooneeł
with wave signs
and grey booth it enters
through small baroque
purple frame