Saturday, July 1, 2017

Gasoline Alley

what if
radically unique
grotesque singularity
happens to form?

form will poem question back
to poem no form be born
but question back
its lack of total
social understanding
by which in grace
no helpful or fitwise
grotesque society
of the absolute unique
be advertised
among the papyri locust stone wedding
their impatient way
and their low candor
and the way the theorists adore
the low minded fails
with high sounding ax-id-net
or their
or reverb heir
to each labrys emblazoned
coccoon node's
farfla influganzapedes

what if no candor
was hermetic?

what if circle caustic wreath flow miasma
emboldened firefly squid impression sortee?

what if radically grotesque
unique happening
poems to form?