Wednesday, November 30, 2011


terracotta larynx mask furred in periwinkle caterpillars


black kites crowd
a pale lavender dusk
by the sea,

and nude ivories
tend them
to the spark.

will the beast
with a thousand windows
come this way?

will zen maxims
clutter red cans
in hibiscus-lined

lust is low
in the scuba divers;
hushed flares
move onward
toward the labyrinth.

intoxicated by perfumes,
sleep's narrow festive isle
hovers, supported, by
lapidary foamlings.

black kites
bear near black

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Green Light (el valor del emperador Calibános)

Envy's caprice rears
Pignose, as a child's
Christmas in Wails,
eyeballs tinied
amidst the nostril holes.

A Dangerous Method,
D.I. Pisarev,
A Representative of
Russian Nihilism
is Sanin Clause
for season X
of Mild Wild Illed O

a principle of general wetness,
taut oologies, and eulogies,
yule logs, bildungs, and
philisters, the actual
scale of differance
renders its meaning

when a person negates utterly
everything, he negates precisely

the battle of all against all
is our glorious common music

(selective Philistinism aka Realpolitik)

Saninistes Unite!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Review of Post-Pop Punks

at Glass Tire

Malerei aus dem zentralen Turm

Entlang der grausamen Höhenrücken schleicht das Heck grau Reiter
dessen Gesicht wie gemeißelt Ocker Granit beherbergt zwei blass
und Brennen Glut der Azurit, dessen Pferd, wie ein Panther der
frechen schwarzen Vehemenz diskret nimmt seinen Weg über die Narbe
wie Schlucht, sieht einen Fluss unterhalb der gequälten leuchtend
grünen Lemuren, einem verworrenen Seil von Gliedmaßen, deren Sprache
brennt seinen Weg in die Stirn, als die Sonne brennt in unzähligen
Melanozyten dessen Rachen sind klaffende Geschichten.

Seltsame Ironie ist, in die sanft versinken Schädel Kentern
der stinkende Sonnenuntergang unter den Speichelfluss
eigensinnigen Opfer.

[is stabbing]

Painting from the central spire

Along the cruel high ridge
slinks the stern gray rider
whose face like chiseled ochre
granite houses two pale and burning
embers of Azurite, whose steed, like
a panther of insolent black vehemence
discretely picks its way above the scar-like
gorge, sees a river below of tortured
luminous green lemurs, a tangled rope
of limbs whose language burns its way
into the brow as the sun burns
in innumerable melanocytes
whose maws are gaping histories.

Strange irony is capsizing in the softly sinking skulls
of the stinking sunset among the drooling
wayward victims.

More Memoirs of a Philaesthete by Weird Harold Actaeon

son Ezra, a poor pud hung by
in the cedar of Lesbanon, the lamb
of science washed in companies

gray-masked Pugnalatori to kill
Longoboardi who weeps like Caesar
red in abandoned parking garages
betrayed by Pwoermdio,
emblems of the jaja muhudolfi clan
yumbowing on his/her kneepads

Duke Proto absconded, for
Apoerio must represent
'the negation of God'
to the Unity Sect

birth fascists giggling
the jilly nilly nihillibunchados
all flowing in green satin
'it's stupid to be a single object called ethernity'
wracked by invincible difference
unity is conflixity by and by

Ezra and Duke Proto fucking having
a most prevalent dish of spam and ersatz
sausages, Diogenes of Syncope
"It was Neil Hogg what saved me.."
"Too much booze," said Norman..

son Ezra never understood
the Montgolfier brothers with their
Arthur Waley translationisms:

key nest pause misanthrope a guarantee
and that's my jammy aimless homies

Mencius himself used firewood, oh fuck
that hurts me. Nothing but buttered rumpkins
and boogie ass negro you tamper in Roman
sandalwood, Ponte Vecchio, on either side
it's piled with cyclopian rubble-rubbles
Ronald Donald McPharmakon

son Ezra would velour all gas, the paintings
he liked least were attributed to Kasbek
"I saw a cubist Venus (two!) in the Tony Cragg
exhibit, two mincing little hotties
go dancing off behind the Picasso bronze
sea bull says "I love you Max Klinger"
get out of my dress!

"I've drank whiskey right here, and sat in a big bean-bag chair."
Sorrow in Sunlight... "All kinds of shit
is perpendicular..

melactis fond of mulsus, tired waist the further about in parswelsi

name them flare, verm and spire
the space made available by
expanding spiral, infurd
or irrational quantities

seal to any other paper
the coarser food in it
cunning amoral paranomasia
a handyman with a sense of

unexpected taming if
frango remain yunagmi
tender hurls the wanton mouse
the heart whose leaves are slender
to the hunt and

wurdana agree kindly
primitive regard
casts this body wolfing
janus genus foot sky
abstracted carry unward

matter companion isofunctional
a as zeus where good goes bhubhavati
begetting the begetter's narrow
swift sharp mi money

pot mo
we throw
stretch stretch
put together sandy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Narrative Imperative: What is None of Beautor flie W'ing

fruid yamaha
abound the white dwarf
hole compression's
vehicle hyperbolinym

bird in space
as field

explosion control
point extrusion memory's
pulse flower omnibust

color sphere bust
random mercuriality of standard components

the curatorial mark
society the inverted curator

what negative impulses show
are what negative impulses grow

how detach the the negative
from its actual positivity?

the matter sack
cannot be broken
only distended infinitely
in no directions.

yoke yolk joke jock gawk
at cog coy
the grylle sea yacking

and nefide

ADOBO Rates for Calves and Velves to make Rennet Write Tit

prose lame and rose tannin
gu /we (here, this)
sweet potato tool (ganai)

fótachló ginger on the costa del sol
laureatum ossequiassero cum subsellium

amphitheatre zeppelin
a bowl in the high winds
where fan masks manipulate the hum
and wild cascades of birds
hurtle from lavender sottopalco
meteorologique ~ kýla á / and
sagacidad among the succatooned and olivagno

a bezzlers robin
wha thunk that gum
pennybrained in pink stucco lucorium
its great spherical aquarium rolled sloshing down into
the screaming crowds hammerheads and stingrays squashing
fat children with a !quorque!

fan-masks of high velos
blinking eye-columns
and mucilaginous bones
pin-prick in a tripe locket
ingagliardirei / 内战

"The evils which follow bibacity..."
"The evils which follow bibliocity"


deliberacy, and the isoterma goes broggling



dao J(ones

Zeno defending
Parmenidean monism

or Universal Oeconomos:
mean money

or Eleatic Wales.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Faroese diuturnae

Jogvan's cow
stands faithlessly skerping
upon the high burial mound,
a new brother
to the island~

and barns sail by
writing poetry.

What deduction
can a cow make last

when island beards
hide Black Guillemot?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Evrahbodhi kallmy poontang, aaah honh-honh
Evrahbodhi kallmy poontang, aaah honh-honh

in de locket
in de monkey socket
Evrahbodhi kallmy poontang, aaah honh-honh
Evrahbodhi kallmy poontang, aaah honh-honh

de elox
and de morloi du


down with difference
or whatever
deserts turn to glass
and glass will turn to brick

drooling emissaries
came to view
a weird and fungal


group mind

without cultus
there is war

and svelte is its option

the language of weaponry
of seduction and diplomacy
once cells become allied
they go on aggregating endlessly

complexity is formed of idiot structures
blind homonyms
whose names are their own

the only reality
is image

every thought
feeling and judgement
is an image
and nothing more

is the viral wine
and difference the disease
of language

Nietzsche understood this
and said
Man is a bridge to something higher
but in this he was wrong
because as Jesus said
So as it is above, so shall it be below
Man, then, is also a bridge to something lower
or barring the essentially confounding idiocy
Man is a bridge (a structure denuded of controversy)
and it reaches out into
the fire of morphology

as an unjudging continuum
as judgement itself is blind

for the infinite series builds
and mutation compounds mutation

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smaller sensors on the way?

Certain bands of the electromagnetic spectrum are useful for specific sensing applications, whether chemical detection or thermal imaging. Terahertz frequencies, for instance, can readily penetrate clothing and paper and so are finding use at airports in the form of full-body scanners. These systems are relatively big though; shrinking both the radiation source and detector size would make them potentially more mobile. Tao et al. have combined a micromechanical cantilever system with a metamaterial-engineered split-ring resonator. The cantilever array is made from a bilayer of two metals, the different thermal properties of which cause a cantilever to move when it absorbs heat. That heat can also be provided in form of absorbed photons. As the split-ring metamaterial can be tuned by design to operate at any desired wavelength, the authors chose its geometry to confer sensitivity to absorption in the microwave and terahertz frequency range. Moreover, they incorporated a reflector on each cantilever across the array to facilitate simple optical readout of any deflection of the cantilevers. The approach offers a relatively cheap and flexible route to designer sensor imaging arrays.

Does Not Occupy the Earth With Angels

the permanent migrations
are waking into sleep
down three deep steps
that lead past a table
whose snow white mouth
holds a coal black continent

in rest here
plumed things no longer riders
symbols that do not breathe
but beam and take the beaming
of others and beam it brighter
to figure the highest completion

furnishing toward
the black gaities
furious windows with frames of fire
and branches through which cold babies
are handed out most graciously
the true radiation
seek not the ogre in eternity
for eternity makes all a dandelion
and who
would not be beautifully mad
would not gush with purple hands
each clutching a salamander
warty with striped nipples

what crime exactly do we occupy?
the unhurried tempest?
a bleeding forehead spread over blind towers
at dusk?

a red music?

I know there are deer-like gods
that visit in celestial icons
that show their luminous romognays
through transparent mirliflimst.

and they tell us:

In this single world,
what have the double-hearted
to do?

grunt like an angel
with its nose in the ass of murder
and birth..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


now here in the lighthouse
the weird gift lays wider,
greeny guerdon to proteus'

parrot seals
with emerald eyes
lazily risgort to
become the wave
moof mavy

sea: the wider onus
aft landern

lantern lampada
indigo caesar keep her call
cleopatra all fire
in the twingled

and silent in the stony room
below the helium he
who fuels the feature plate

simple tub
and stud to scratch
an oath beyond what dread
the nib a symbol
of the hasp undone
inside the living

arrow pharos
do not remember itium
where asinine caligula

emerald pig exoskeleton
to luminous balloon
but buff a dog
in the endless
pale green rooms

acid jade catacomb bat (surfluent
for globular glass head

sleeps the beloved couch
in the ghost of sostratus


prate-lings favose pezita

blank thomas
to theme its mirth
more doughty whole

such snakes
would heave the
hovering hole
autone ami

why taste
any absence onward
but that these
word things themselves

are doukhobors
and teem faun labor
to sense more
animal subtle

the whole pride
faulx or fore-trip
so sleephored
to verb-wake

roundly bowl
the heads

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



danse artistique huileuse by frenegond

fulgur bum gut foal butt mond kit kiddy
midline hiney bonny pecker slicker argent's
easing sass fur sussy muss miss penny lopion
shabby sheep diclension yon by good clod ami
ar amar shôb bôndhu gãjakhor robo mob slob
ganja faja core old brown candy disc mates
peter happy handy anæsthetist to the Dental
Hospital of London wherein the the so-called
anäerophytes reek under bully cubs an attri-
buendolo too readily analyzable upon this, the
analogous, and ramoneur clete and clean-sing holy
of brooms. O white karyatrids and tripods' futid
funt! La rarabellus din cd get ther a sumpim
suddgummina a praeciderent incantassi to swill off
leggins and by shoo these weasle frackin
bouqets of ramonda laid in a terine to settle
poor Raimundo's clart and fexle its bohohoho olongi
now so afarsabbate in the kookurbitteline
and grassy ass go gentle into that good and adclinent
husu bon gusu and xubuk to zumphlogon tidis tidis
subdividebar the culicifuge fulgur or pogromites
GNATSEAS! изоралия (izorálija) bintan to the horned
whistle its gale white speach clurse poonininny flobolo
rumdinky pertendatis of shellless амбиция (ambícija)

at Telage in the Bohosa district, etc. ROUMANITE
rumin-shite! VAWWW! pawpaw petals tucked in a puffy
pussy for PRION's hoityloity nussy FAIL estremeciste
and rearmouse hodkin of Foralsemiche POLO GONAD
GRONDY BODFIN as he louede forto go by watere
wher maidenes made a songe þerof BUKU KUFU humgullah
say yay in the mýtné a-și say ayay upon the
méditèrent immutatione of hydrops in colareris //
hop hop and saway ( ear nest netty all floicle /
mystoicle this spark o' rumelgumphtion and Monterey..
Let's wild ham the collared dove to a monticule upodion /
deturpate fusure must await thee in the nabal bright
with aktaként and adrogatorum / go lickerish to your
methylenic Foo Yong Hy (crab omelet) and keep your
downward glance from the splendor of my isn't / the
word is xafardejaren and benediremmo and these please
the fuyle fo tofo foofoo hung gulu gono bonno YES!
impermeabilizzatesi révélerais and improbabili to

regajnonte as it swood mokes meter kinny boorbalene
wher ol them ol fyrbles git a markin' an'
a affiatavamo w/ the सर्पिणी (sarpinī) and the referenzierest...


Monday, November 14, 2011


bon bon bryonodonto ento onto indo in two the larval
carriage rings bon bon du thron thron go byronoscopia
to frill fool megafoulaunalandia curt crane kin bith a bunch
and brutilla's skithmag honopy while tube toothed and
wing jowled the lantern boned and chime skulled eyes
thrite to teary bottom eunuclea and in frod we thread
owlagoo and nouslipped pearl to lavend ar oussa ala
bon or bonny knobchin's chutterbrilly themthenbirreen a
freck chin chuther a baby chin glove deer more polynoly
binopial puleeper letter onlo downlio over towordord
divil dord and forf knivel clotter dik juki yuti mondia
cavo mithnia boncon van can mannovertia bula hulu
con carne voto ex exu mexi noxi bon bon bu don don
caval cascada non grada a lifer rull bin pony fauncher
grab whole donkey fruit beard the lisping waterfoul
flodid glitter pine rice tree sun monkyhornalorpion
foamed runnel its vortex face humnul in the fuffinf suflurli
go brod howl the kith knee man shed dumpery gie
Obo Getty Knurl Cvavo KVEVO swet hogginthabter
mull iron bunny eclipse this ham toad runby foot club
jirilony brod thoo hungbunk kok bokkin mibobbi
bupskin towol all lu hawl lorri jimmi ummi limmi
timite crole my hully bithunny croo and further goul
the ashfindobbit cranbaiting abnurbittershires grunddud
flo locket legget in veneti hirnolinto protognathi jinutti

The Tincture Called "Green Lion"

The Gringo glows
green in the mountain
next to the burning bush
of hushed pussies
and the candelabra
of abracodabra yams.

Bam Bam!
And Great Gazoo
goes down, like
F. Scott Fritzgerald
crossed with a fried green
El Gringlo!

The Emperor
has its lion's brain

Owen Wister Whines Back to Robert Louis.

Let us fetch little foxes, little foxes that blunder
into our vineyards, little foxes in hot pants,
corvettes, and calling plans.

Let us browse on lilies, even though
we look like the figures of Botero.

Doctor Peacock has studied the ancient wines
as exported from the coast of Tyrrhenia.

At Pylos we found foxes, and there profoundly partied.
It is strange to think of a sleek telephone with the body
of a girl or boy. It is strange to think at all, and stranger still,
to speak.

Didi who was Barmaid in Freud's taproom...

De revolutionibus orbium coelestium

but the God of the morphologists is deeper than the God of the Theologians
-Nicolas of Cusa

Hie thee to the banquet of chestnuts, for the rabbit
knows not what it is, and golden chestnuts all perform
to the glory of a central light, and that light,
all deform.

Tender blithereens, when magnetic explosions grace
through green foam the weird skeletons of whirlwind flutes,
and murdered fruit, then, look for letters on the sea,
and larger than ships, these building letters, and totalism,
the castanettery of sea crows.

Orgy. And tin wads.

Grime how beauty turn to a two-face gem stool,
the white lead toad will open mouth to be a bed,
and on old stacks of books and bread, a cutlass wends
to the dyrty hyme, mile hyle misungenia, and
bile sweet as Spring, to a Winter dumb and silent,
Any storm cavort a stead (with heads the moment too brief).

I see their proud strong bodies
rejoice in air.

I feel the sun
longing toward
its galactic cave.

A female craving
is the wind.

(Who would undo this?)

foam-logics prefold (irrony interruptus

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Decline of the West.

First day on the set of One-Eyed Jacks
Marlon Brando's
Mercury in Swordfish
Amalgam fillings
pale green bark
and coral colored shadow
Marlon's oval eggshell eyepatch
to become
the egg on any Magician's face
or in its hand~
her head was replaced with that
of the rabbit
and stood nude as Lucretia
in the rondure of the egg-shaped window

pulling down its eyes
from the egg-shaped suns
where a yellowed crumpled cowboy hat shaded
the face from the grains of sand speeding
the face of Laocoön
is a crennellated brain

Marlon winks at the professor
Quapp for gossip and du reste -
c'est étonnant.

Cellini in the American Desert
driving a bulldozer around
in the infinite whiteness
and affable contakt.

Lo, Karl Suss
would lay the limp bag
of Poseidon's deflated head
down next to
the trojan whores.

We'll make a genius
from nudity replaced
by a pale green glow.

Oswald Spengler
was born in 1880
in Blankenburg.

Rio stood admiring
the orchids
on the glassed-in veranda.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Etiam Insanum Cerebrum Ipsum

a grieving violin to life
a grieving violin / in trees

in trees
the cracking knees / the
grackles sneeze

a conference of the palms
transferring / a conference
what turned up

to hold this feathered
medallion eye half in / shadow
on the rushing silent edge

wholesome sad mysterious chaos
your old torso and instrument

a grieving violin to life
a grieving violin / in trees...

(in trees) where rain
began the strings
to weaving / the cracking

Prefabio Aut Chymicum Tumulus


twelve snow white alabaster
arrowheads are laid
out in a circle, and
in the center a nodum
of cedar, head-fist.


ten-thousand fallen leaves
are gathered and hung by
their stems with string to form
a cube, erectus in angulo, before
the single eye of the mound.


four-hundred fish bladders
are stitched into an effigy-
doll, whose face seems only
wanting, sine oris, osiris
sign orison sing ore sound.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nomen dubium


If our mouse rides inside a spoon
toward the sky blue loom
whose strings are glass rooms
with escalators inside, then

sleep once more
in its tiny bed behind the door
for the fat friend of the house
has gone out boating.


If our mouse should broadly grin
then do it again
take another photo
for the album

and remove the flash
for red eyes in renaissance yellows
clamber up inside mellow talking
feather boas.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cold Nose Rhumbus

aboin them the linge
to hay wire the may pole
erratic lightning living room

stevedorian callous pi-thong
planks of mudbooks whimmering
the cagile hiss in blurning gonbulars

dab today on toady surpont
tiveen veena convene anent
slo pur pan ala gradient's omb

convent a bicycle (gun-lobster-gamene
old lanes aft swallow burr bankopen to empty
nor oblivion mend them (whyna for ancient landenk

old winds mend the shiny rock
toad head snake awakens
bacterial effigies

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dufawn Megshirrene, Abalone Gunmen.

In a castle like grey-cheese, or if its huge sad cranium rose up in a dim vault above the forest
what thin and luminous ghosts would loiter about its gates, lips draped in diamond chains floating loosely
like hair in the wind, each blinking link a hollow symbol filled with pressurized helium? Too rough. Marble goats line the descending path that ends at the rear of the amphitheater though their stomachs are glass
and each house a sleeping skeleton, death itself asleep, as leap, what happens to the peel, the husk,
the skewed and eternal eye within? green banana corn pines. no answer to delicious monster. no resolution
for golden slipper mask and his shadow-wheeled armor cone. as we approach the oracle, we notice an aroma, then the strange suit of blue cake, the tiny animals living inside. If their bodies are lenses, what exactly
passes through them? Mechanicality itself, conscious of itself as a pluromal manifolding?

Vot Fu Limbi, Maper Namber Rehilu

jubilabais the manner-driven
maiden särkevät

prolapsinte put
of appianava too formed
and yuvğuç informing
hazard's tangent équille

vernietigen abarracase
for apeutua borbotears
the arrogabatis chiffons

and phul pusp suman
tweaks the scancellai umile
under carbo cobra rifiorirebbero
as větrŭ lakes resumiria
to pelejandoid heartlets

protong faucet hand
lurry polivi

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fog or Beige

lost cabin interlude...

they would walk
where oval mist eggs hide
leopard slug to formless sunrise
canopy whole cloth
shifting shadow network
dirt formidable bulkhead silences
or plain wind in extension begin
birdsong the hollow
crag of white tree remain
its throat

its body
of cinders toward the
curly canyon moss
leafy genital perch a blue
bald beak eyed cloud foot pearl
fitness' unending
diorama skin mobile curtsy

transparent crystal halo speech
cube mummy carcass
cumming black wire
armed to lavender wool pools

crimson antler fuffloam
solar blood cell keti
yudeen we thank our
tridents riverside bondwana gland
the succubus rickets sold
twisted bone face sign
foetal in downy regalia ~a
transparent yellow jelly
from its asymmetric
eyebrow sacs'
fat clittoral antenna oxen caterpillars'